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Mákvirág (Poppy Seed Flower) Cake Shop

This cake shop is based on French confectionery principles where artisan technology and quality ingredients are used. In their cakes, natural taste is more of a focus than sugars.

The flavors of their cakes are highlighted with fine chocolates, fruits and dairy products. Their guests are invited to explore the values and many faces of traditional Hungarian pastry too.

Their home-made “krémes” are famous all over the city. They serve the premium quality coffees and teas of the 300-year-old German Dallmayr company for their cakes.

4031 Debrecen, Bartók Béla út 17. 
Tel.: +36 30 753 1760
E-mail: cukraszda@makvirag.hu
Web: https://www.makvirag.hu

Further information: https://www.makvirag.hu/