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Polgári Sikk” Exhibition – The Life + Fashion of Debrecen Women 1860 1940

In the opening exhibition of the Déri Museum visitors are invited to take a “chic tour” of the fashion in Debrecen during the 19th and 20th centuries.

The exhibition shows how the women of Debrecen lived and dressed between 1860 and 1940. Obviously, the well-qualified, civic social class of Debrecen followed fashion of Vienna. 

The pieces on exhibition were in the museum’s storehouses and have never been seen by the public. Now, visitors can see more than 300 items, including clothes, accessories, jewelry, and furniture. The special dishes, paintings, or dresses, fans, and jewelry made from high-quality materials show that ladies loved fashion back then just as much as today.

Guided tours and museum pedagogical activities are available during the exhibition, starting on 11th February and ending on 3rd May 2020.

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