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Debrecen’s Christmas Tree is Already Standing

They have already decorated the Christmas tree in the main square of Debrecen this week. Hundreds of ball balls were hung on the branches, and there are about 16,500 lights on the pine tree. 

In years past there would be vendors’ setting up their stalls in this place, at this time, but not this year, due to the pandemic, the Advent fair will be greatly missed in Debrecen and everywhere else in Hungary, and before you ask, no, there will be no ferris wheel or ice rink either.

“The real message of the holiday is symbolized by the tree. The power of the love, rebirth and belonging that the birth of a child brings to the life of a family, ”emphasized Edit Bódor, the managing director of Főnix Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft.

Although he is still in storage, a flower float called “My Grace is Enough for You” will be displayed in the main square this week, – in honor of the Year of National Togetherness for the time of the Flower Carnival. In addition to a composition of elements symbolizing Christianity and Hungarian history, the manger in Bethlehem will also be displayed on Kossuth Square.

The city falls into festive light again on November 29th, the first Sunday of Advent . This year, about 200 thousand light have been across the city. This includes the whole length of Piac Street from Kossuth Square to Petőfi Square, in the Memorial Garden behind the Great Church, in Kálvin Square, on the western small roundabout, in Szent Anna Street with candles and angels, on Darabos Street with Christmas stars, on Burgundia Street, on Sumen Street 10 stars and 20 light beams, angels on Simonffy Street, light beams during Hal, and bell ornaments in Kismacs, Nagymacs, Bánk, Dombostanya, Ondód and Józsán. In Kossuth Square, LED lights will also be installed on the section from Aranybika Hotel to the Great Church – on a total of 90 trees. 

Thanks to the continuous developments of the last years, the Christmas decorative lighting of Debrecen now forms fully energy-saving light sources with a significantly longer lifespan and brightness than traditional light bulbs .

The traditionally very popular light tree and the light fountain will be visible again on Piac Street . There are also novelties – in addition to the stylized angel figures and Christmas balls that have been blowing the trombone for a few years now – in the Christmas decorative lighting. In Dósa Nádor tér and Csapó utca, 15 sparkling decorative motifs will be placed on the candelabra, these have already been handed over. The advent trams will also start running again.

Text: Dehir
Photos: Szabolcs Kandert