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Aquaticum Debrecen Strand

Aquaticum Debrecen Strand opened in summer 2020. The idea behind the reconstruction of the old baths was not only to design new and modern pools and pleasure elements…


Csokonai Forum

Debrecen’s new home for theater, the Csokonai Forum opened on 23rd August 2023. The 9,000-square-meter facility has three multifunctional, accessible theater spaces: the Zoltán Latinovits Hall can seat 350 people, the Árpád Kóti Hall 150 people, and the Asymmetry Restaurant has also been designed to host theatre productions.


Sziget-kék Theme Park

The Debrecen-born writer, Magda Szabó’s heart-warming fairy tale, Sziget-kék (Blue Island), still transports not only children but adults as well into a wonderful dream world. The park that was inspired by this youth novel opened in the summer of 2022. Sziget-kék is one of the region’s most exciting playgrounds, is much more than a fairy


Bényi Gallery

The Bényi Gallery is a commercial gallery focusing on Hungarian contemporary art, where the artist is free to create and the viewer can be immersed in the experience.


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ESC, a.k.a. ‘Escape from the Stereotype Community’. A place in Debrecen where you can escape from stereotypes


Next Bistro

Next Bistro – located in Debrecen’s university district – has rethought the well-known Hungarian favorites, relished them with exciting international flavors…


Chef Academy

The professional chefs of this cookery school will be happy to help guests acquire the expertise they need to become experts in Hungarian as well as international cuisine.


Wok To Box

The owner of this downtown street food bar ran an Asian restaurant for years and learned the peculiar cooking techniques and the secrets …


My Debrecen

For me, one of the most beautiful and calming places in Debrecen is the Nagyerdei Park. I have always loved being close to nature since I was a child. Lake Békás is one of the most spectacular parts of the city park, perfect in summer or even in winter, as it is beautiful in all seasons. It’s a great place for a walk, a bike ride or just a relaxing day out. While exploring the Lake Békás you can meet several animals, which is a plus for me. You can get up close and personal with small and large moor turtles, mallards, but there’s no shortage of songbirds either.

Panna – Customer Relations Manager

Nagyerdő has always had a special place in my heart. However, since I became a mother with a young child, the Békás Lake playground in Nagyerdő and its surroundings have become our main place to go to. I love the atmosphere of the playground, the shady trees, the wildlife in the lake, and the captivating tranquility of the area with the bubbling sound of the mini waterfall. Continuing the walk with the little one, it is unmissable to walk around the fountain and its „stones”, which rise out of the water surface near Ködszínház. When we get tired, we are happy to walk on the gastrostreet of the area just a few meters away, and recharge with a lemonade. For those who are hungry, I can recommend my personal favorites: the hummus bowl in Volt Egyszer or Csakhal bistro’s specialty fish cracklings with some Hungarian „csuszka”. Both are divine and would be a pity to miss.

Barbi – Office Manager

It is a very difficult task to highlight a favorite place from the palette of my beloved city, but if I do have to choose, I choose Piac Street. Why? Because the past, the present, and the future meet before my eyes every time I walk down the high street. I love to walk in front of the storefronts, hearing the sound of a splashing fountain and children’s raucous laughter, sipping into my hot or iced takeaway coffee, taking in the melodies played by street musicians, and feeling like I’m at peace at home. Because I just love my city.

Bori – Project Manager

I love walking in the old town of Debrecen. Szentlászlófalva, which is situated between the downtown and the Great Forest, reminds me of the old Debrecen. The winding streets, the expressive street names, the old civic house fronts and the spirit of the beautiful gates fascinate me every time. After a pleasant walk, I like sitting in the Incognito Bar on the corner of Eötvös and Rákóczi Streets, which was converted from an old civic apartment. There is always a good chance to bump into an intimate concert here in the evenings.

Nóri – PR & Social Media Manager

Volt egyszer

In the main street of Debrecen, there is a coffee shop called Volt Egyszer (“Once Upon a Time”) where I often start my day. The divine coffee specialties are always accompanied by kind and flexible service, so refreshment is guaranteed.  Sitting behind the huge glass shop window, I usually admire the continuously developing city center, mothers pushing their prams and children running around the fountains. However, if I am in a hurry, I prefer their coffee-to-go service.

Csilla – Customer Relations Manager

I like wandering around the city, in the old streets and hidden squares of the historic city center that is full of beautiful old buildings and lovely fountain displays. One of my favorite public squares is Ady Park, right behind the Csokonai Theater, because its centrally located fountain display provides a nice atmosphere in the summer and I can taste delicious cakes and ice-creams in one of Debrecen’s oldest confectioner’s, Kismandula (“Small Almond”) there. I also love Hal köz, again to be found in the city center, where I often meet my friends in one of the trendy bars or just drink a cup of coffee on a lovely terrace while admiring the spectacular arcades of water of the square’s central fountain display. The most spectacular water attraction of Debrecen is definitely the Mist Theater in the Great Forest Park where you can enjoy amazing lightshows in the summer at night. It is also a must-visit selfie-point.

Enikő – Director


The most beautiful moments of my life are connected to the Reformed College of Debrecen, as it was the venue of our wedding’s civil ceremony and our wedding photos were also taken there. Personally, if I had to choose one from the great number of sights of Debrecen, it would definitely be the wonderful Grand Library and the historical Oratorio of the Reformed College of Debrecen. The Grand Library is listed among the most beautiful libraries of the world due to its amazing sight and its collection of 600,000 books, while the Oratorio is a place of historical importance for all Hungarians as it was for two times the venue of the sessions of the Hungarian Parliament.

Dia – Deputy Mayor of Debrecen