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Great Forest, Lake Békás + Playground Re-open

Over the weekend, the entire forest including the Lake Békás, and even the largest playground in the city known as “Ötholdas Pagony” were re-opened. 

Caution is still prescribed, including the use of social distancing, hand washing, and face masks in enclosed spaces.  Even so, it’s great to see things returning to some semblance of normality.  

The Great Forest is not only the “breathing heart of Debrecen” but the nation’s first conservation area and the part of the Natura 2000 network. Only a ten-minute ride from downtown, the park always offers peace and quiet in the shade of hundred-year-old trees as well as providing countless entertainment options.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Forest and one of the most popular destinations for families, “Lake Békás” with spectacular fountains, sunbeds, and its safe and its modern playground were closed. On the other side of the park, the “Ötholdas Pagony” playground located behind the Zoo was also closed.

Now, life can move back to the forest. Restriction on movements has been lifted and the park has reopened again. It was good to see that the forest, the Lake Békás, and the playground “Ötholdas Pagony” were full of life once again; taken over by groups of friends, families, and couples. People rode a bike, walked, or just enjoy the warmth of the sun in natural surroundings once again. 

In the “other half” of the Great Forest, adjacent to the Zoo,  the Amusement Park has also re-opened its gates. The duck train rumbled, the small railway train traveled its familiar racks, the haunted house was not left empty, while families relaxed on the benches under the trees of the Great Forest. 

Theme Park
Retro Theme Park

The reopened Amusement Park celebrates its 60 birthday this year. It opened its doors to the public first 0n May 1th 1960. Over the past sixty years, generations of visitors have grown up gaining eternal experiences, since then the park has grown into one of the region’s leading tourist, leisure, and entertainment destinations. 

There will be no shortage of novelties this season either.