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Hypercube Installation Commemorates the Change of Regime

The most important moments of the change of regime in Hungary are evoked by the public installation called Hypercube, which can be seen at Baltazár Dezső Square (the square in the front of Modem and Kölcsey Centre). 

The traveling exhibition commemorates both the local and national events 30 years ago.

Hypercube Display

The installation shares information about the statue of Lenin and its demolition as well as about the first free election. It can be seen until the end of December this year. 

The main purpose of the installation is to remind people and show young people how their parents and grandparents fought for freedom, László Bernadett, historian of the House of Terror Museum said.

The installation, created as part of a program called “30 Years Free – What We Demolished”, and it will be shown in 18 cities.

Debrecen played a very important role in the process of regime change, not only because of local events, but also as the initiator of events of national significance in Debrecen. We really wanted to pay much more attention than could be realized, István Puskás, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen pointed out.

Outside the Modem

If anything can symbolize the last 30 years, it is Baltazár Dezső Square, Member of Parliament László Pósán said.  He thinks the installation is the best place for such an installation. 

Everyone who has lived through those days recalls their youth, perhaps recalls their desires, ideas, hopes, or even disappointments at the time. Somewhere, everyone gets a look at their own personal lives when they see the events in Debrecen, Pósán emphasized.

The publications produced as part of the program vary from city to city, and it will be distributed to 2,000 high school students in Debrecen.

Source: dehir.hu