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Masquerade in Debrecen

Masquerade in Debrecen

Carnival is the time for cheer, characterized by cheerful feasts, balls, parties and folk festivals. From 10th to 23rd of February, the XIX. Masquerade of Debrecen will help us drive the winter blues away and offer us a range of colourful programs to take part in.

  • 10th -14th February 2020 – Crew of the Vojtina Puppet Theater crew invites children to play winter games 3 times a day, –  at 9 AM, 11 AM and 2 PM. 
  • 18th -21st February, –  We can witness the battle between King Konc and Cibere Vajda between the walls of Vojtina, and the extraordinary performances of city-famous comedians. 
  • 22nd February, at 4 PM – We can take part in the carnival parade going from the Town Hall to the Kossuth square and witness the great fight between  King Konc and Cibere Vajda. Meanwhile, we can enjoy the dishes of the excellent chefs of the Mangalica Festival.
  • 23rd February 23, 10 AM  – The Family Masquerade in Vojtina Puppet Theater closes the carnival week where we can enjoy the performance of musicians and dancers.

Join the festivities to overcome your winter blues and welcome the spring to Debrecen.