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Spring and Easter Celebration Events at Playground Sziget-kék

Spring and Easter celebration events for families were announced in Debrecen’s largest year-round playground.

During the press conference, the Mayor of Debrecen, László Papp, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, Diána Széles, Managing Director of the Nagyerdei Kultúrpark Nonprofit Ltd. Sándor Gergely Nagy and Head of Sziget-kék Judit Erzsébet Kiss reported on events for families, spring and Easter celebrations on 29th of March 2023.

László Papp said that Sziget-kék is one of the new points of pride in the city. The playground, which was completed last year and has become one of the most popular meeting places for children – not only in Debrecen but in the whole of Eastern Hungary. Since its opening, more than 170,000 children and parents have visited this playground. 

The idea to launch the Debrecen Spring for Children here was born in the spirit of spring. The event’s title is a quote by poet Sándor Petőfi “Come, spring, come!” the mayor said.

On Tuesday, the 4th of April, the kindergarten children will lay their own eggs for the egg tree, while on the 8th of April, Saturday before Easter, the playground opens its doors for a colourful spring family day. There will be a dance party, craft activities and of course, you can admire the egg tree. 

László Papp hoped that many little ones would visit the playground and that the organisers would make the spring and Easter holidays a truly memorable one.

Deputy Mayor Diána Széles emphasised that the park, which is reminiscent of the world of Magda Szabó’s fairy tales, is about giving children in Debrecen not only a playground but values, values that will educate them to respect the Debrecen identity and traditions

“The presentation of Easter traditions is a very important goal for the coming period in these two events, as well as the presentation of the Christmas holiday cycle, Christian and local values. Children will learn about our values and traditions in the simplest and most playful way, which they can then share with their parents and family members at home,” she said. 

Diána Széles said that the creation of the Easter egg – when some 200 children from Debrecen hold coloured sheets of paper over their heads and draw a giant Easter egg, which is filmed from a bird’s eye view – shows that they are united as citizens of Debrecen and that everyone can feel ownership of this playground.

Sándor Gergely Nagy, Managing Director of the Nagyerdei Kultúrpark Nonprofit Ltd., pointed out that the Nagyerdei Kultúrpark (Culture Park), which is 65 years old this year, is offering free amusement park admission on Easter  (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) to all kindergarten children who brought their own eggs to the Sziget-Kék on 4th of April and contributed to the decoration of the egg tree. 

The Easter period at the Culture Park starts from the beginning of spring break on the 6th of April, and families are welcome to enjoy a rich programme of activities, the most extensive collection of flora and fauna in 65 years and a renewed amusement park. As a new development, he said, from April, it will be possible to pay for the hire of the foot-driven trolleys by credit card.    

Judit Erzsébet Kiss, the manager of Sziget-kék, Debrecen’s largest year-round playground, said that they would like to involve as many kindergartens, children and families as possible in the celebration of spring. In the spirit of the kindergarten picnic on the 4th of April, they are inviting kindergartens to send in their egg-tree eggs until the 3rd of April. Families are also invited to bring their own hanging egg arrangements (blown eggs, plastic, paper or Styrofoam eggs, with a hanger 20 to 30 centimetres long) for the egg tree.    

Programmes for the spring events:

Tuesday, 4th of April 2023:

  • 9:00 a.m.: Arrival, reception and egg tree creation of groups of kindergarten children 
  • 9:30 a.m.: Concert of the orchestra “Many-coloured flowers” with singing 
  • 10:30 am: Playful activity on healthy eating
  • Tasting on the picnic tables, Free play in the park

Saturday, 8th of April 2023:

  • 9.00-10.30 a.m.: Egg tree decorating with hummus brought in by families
  • 9.30 and 10.30 a.m.: “Bunny Tournament” (organised by Daefi)
  • 10.00: Forest walk (exploring nature with all our senses)
  • 11.00 am: Celebration of the egg tree 
  • 11.15 am: Family dance with the Szeredás Folk Music Ensemble and folk dancers
  • 3:00 pm: “Bunny party” with the Aqua Manó Party
  • 3:45 pm: Air and magic show on Circus Square

Continuous activities during the day:

  • 10:00 am –  4:00 pm: Mission with the Easter Bunny
  • 10:00 am –  4:00 pm: Spring Fairy crafting
  • 10:00 am –  12:00 pm: Baby playhouse
  • 2:00 pm –  4:00 pm: Baby playhouse
  • 9:00 am –  5:00 pm:  Easter window scribble and giant colouring book 
  • 9:00 am –  5:00 pm: Photo shooting with the cat Kandúrka and the Giant Rabbit