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The Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park has re-opened

The country’s first rural zoo and only amusement park reopened to the public on May 1st, the anniversary of its founding, after nearly six months of closure, although for the time being, only those with a certificate of protection and minors can visit under forced restrictions.

The Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park is reopened and awaits with many novelties!
Head for the worm roller coaster!

As we have reported on many occasions in recent months, life has not stopped behind closed gates, as the institution has thrived with many new residents and is constantly prepared to welcome its visitors with many more experiences and novelties.

Bennett kangaroos

Now, for the first time, we can meet the babies born behind closed gates, including moose calves playing in the spacious African panorama catwalk, little Bennett kangaroos emerging from their mother’s purse, and the youngest member of the gray cattle and Wallis black-nosed sheep family. With the reopening, the all-day sight-seeing Animals in Action program has also returned, as part of which we can meet ring-tailed lemurs on the Katta Promenade up close to the body, and in a unique way in Hungary we have the opportunity to accompany Manfred, a three-month-old student of the penguin nursery.

Manfred walked

In addition to the well-known, favorite audience of the garden and the stars of the baby boom, we can now admire several special species that have never been held before in Debrecen. The Palm House is enriched with terrible and Anthony arrow poison frogs, as well as giant migrating leaves, and awaits those interested in the exotic wildlife of the tropics. Tapirs and capillaries now co-inhabit their themed social catwalks with two great maras that have fallen in love for life, but the institution’s New World collection is also enriched by a nandukakas, who are also scheduled to get a party soon. Margo, the audience-favorite marabou of the African fly, was joined by breeders in the form of a young breeding couple, who will also show up at the daily visual feeding held as a new element in the Animals section.

African night social presentation at the Tropical House

In the Tropical House, we are greeted by a social demonstration hosted by the newly built, mysterious nightlife of Africa, in which, in addition to Egyptian fruit-eating bats, two newly arrived species live, the Senegalese earbugs and the Berber striped grasshoppers.

Together with the Zoo, the Amusement Park also opened on May 1st, which awaits those wishing to relax on weekends and public holidays during the month. Many of its 22 game elements have also been renewed externally, so it has been beautifying its passengers since the May season opener.

Moose calves

Behind the closed gates, the institution, which also operates as a botanical garden, has taken great care to maintain and enrich its botanical collection of 650 species, so you can find daffodil gardens, native and exotic seedlings and colorful rock gardens under the green foliage of the Great Forest. In addition, we can test their senses in the renewed Scent Garden, and through the houseplant demonstration in the Gibbon House, we can gain an insight into the mysteries of home plant care.

Big marmot

The Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park welcomes its guests who are entitled to visit, and at the same time trusts in the full reopening without restrictions as soon as possible. For convenient and fast access, it is worth buying their tickets online at www.ticketbase.eu/zoodebrecen .

Source: Dehir