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What to do with Kids in Debrecen?

Debrecen Zoo + Retro Amusement Park

Centrally located, and just a 5-minute walk from the Great Forest Park, Football Stadium, and the Debrecen Zoo + Retro Amusement Park is an easy, inexpensive half-day activity.  Rent a wagon for the kids to sit in and tour around so the kids don’t get too tired, – too quickly.  If you engage with the staff, you will find them enthusiastic and helpful. 

The crocodile, is usually a big hit, as are the spiders and frogs.  The Hippo is best described as very interesting, good fun to watch.  Kids love the penguins due to the animated penguin characters in movies. 

This season there are lots of baby animals too. So far this year there have been several baby Lamas, a baby Mantled Guerezas and an Eland Antelope.

Feeding the animals is the no.1 thing to do, bringing the animals to engage with children.

The Water Tower

On the way to the water tower in the direction of the stadium, your kids will notice the fantastic fountain pool, the fountain is a spectacular sight, alternating between providing a fine mist and a powerful jet 40 meters high.  The surrounding pool is shallow, around a quarter of a meter in-depth, across which are stepping stones crossing the pool.  They will want to stop and paddle, so come prepared!

After the paddling pool diversion, the water tower is the perfect destination, a fun climb to the top far above the tree line.  The climb is manageable by children, the long staircase wraps around the circumference of the tower, rising higher and higher with each rotation.  Taller adults might need to watch their head, with low ceiling heights at several points, but these are clearly marked.

At the top, you can survey the city in every direction.  During the winter you can see everything through the bare trees.  During the summer the thick forest canopy does limit your view somewhat, but you will see beautiful trees, – Debrecen is proudly known as a green city. When looking down in the direction of the main water tower entrance, you will see the fabulously designed water park below.  Perhaps this is your next stop?

The best part of this experience is the reward at the bottom after climbing down, enjoy a refreshing drink at the bar to help with your recovery from the physical exertion of the climb.

The Water Tower holds regular events, turning into a music venue in the evening. During the day there are often art installations, located next to the tourism point in the basement.  Private events are also held here.

The central column of the Water Tower serves as a climbing wall where you can test your climbing ability in safety, using a safety harness and with climbing instructors close to hand.

Aquaticum Aqua Park

In addition to the city baths, located opposite to the Water Tower, there is the Aquaticum Aqua Park next door.  It is an adventure bath which lies beneath the distinctive 66-metre domed roof. Inside the bath, there is a  distinctively Mediterranean feel with plants growing everywhere.

Amongst the greenery, are pools, a wave machine, several water slides and climbing wall are all available to entertain the kids, – while you relax.  For smaller children, there is a separate bath for the little ones to play on mini slides and other fun water items.

Ever-present members of staff watching over the kid’s pool, makes it easier for parents to relax.

Kerekerdo Adventure Park

This 30,000 sq meter family fun Park, brings fairytales to life.  Located on the Zsuzsi Narrow gauge rail line, at the former Lake Balla.  Next to the entrance, is the lake where the Flintstones pedal boats await families, these are great fun, seating the entire family, while two-pedal the rest relax in the back of the boat.  Inside are interactive fairytales and periodic puppet theatre shows, where children can see Snow White and the seven dwarfs and many other fairytale characters.  The extensive playground area includes a castle, adventure trails, climbing elements, and the usual swings and slides.  In August between 16-19th August, the adventure park hosts Hungary’s only fun horror festival entitled “Night of the Dreads”, to be held in 2019, now in its 4th year.  The event is along the lines of Halloween but in summer, nothing is too scary and certainly very memorable.  Re-use last years Halloween costumes for extra fun.

Nagyerdei Park (Great Forest Park) – Playground

The best part about the Great Forest Park is that it is great for adults too, oh yes, and it’s FREE.  The playground is set in the surroundings of the duck and fish pond, to the backdrop of the forest and the immediate area is immaculately landscaped.  The playground highlights include a pirate ship, giant frog to play in, and a Zipline.  Situated right next to the toilets and cafe where they sell waffles!

Every convenience is here, and for those who want a more substantial meal, the fantastic Krudy’s restaurant by the entrance of the park.

NagyKaLand Playhouse

This playhouse is relatively new and is, without doubt, the best playhouse in the city according to ratings on Google and elsewhere.  Here you will find, 1500 square meters of fun, including a three-story 500 square meter maze with slides, a spider tower, a climbing volcano, and an obstacle course among many other things your kids will love.  On rainy days this is the perfect venue for kids to play and for parents to stay sane.  On sunny days, its perhaps best not to mention this fun place as an option. Debrecen is known to be family-friendly and welcoming, therefore this city should be high upon your agenda as a location to visit.