Welcome to Debrecen!


Barbi – Office Manager

Nagyerdő has always had a special place in my heart. However, since I became a mother with a young child, the Békás Lake playground in Nagyerdő and its surroundings have become our main place to go to. I love the atmosphere of the playground, the shady trees, the wildlife in the lake, and the captivating tranquility of the area with the bubbling sound of the mini waterfall. Continuing the walk with the little one, it is unmissable to walk around the fountain and its „stones”, which rise out of the water surface near Ködszínház. When we get tired, we are happy to walk on the gastrostreet of the area just a few meters away, and recharge with a lemonade. For those who are hungry, I can recommend my personal favorites: the hummus bowl in Volt Egyszer or Csakhal bistro’s specialty fish cracklings with some Hungarian „csuszka”. Both are divine and would be a pity to miss.