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38th Hungarian Press Photo Competition + Exhibition.

From November 6th to the 30th November between the hours of 09:00 – 18:00, the winning entries to the 38th Hungarian Press Photo competition will be available to view at the Kölcsey Center, in the Circular Corridor.

267 photographers submitted 2,488 entries to the 38th Hungarian Press Photo Competition, the total number of images received was 6,079.

Photocredit: Fonix

The role of the 38th Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition in terms of remembrance and reminder is now even greater than before. 
After all, in recent months, since the outbreak of the pandemic, our lives have changed radically and the meaning and significance of things have changed. 
We were introduced to new concepts and they became part of our lives. 
The lockout is no longer just a strange, difficult-to-interpret word in the title of a Mystery novel, but our everyday reality. 
We have definitely learned so much about the coronavirus that it is something that will change our lives for a long time.

The grand prize series on display in the press photo exhibition, the works of András D. Hajdú and Bea Kovács, or Orsolya Ajpek’s photo report on the tragedy of the Mermaid, the concert and circus photos of Balázs Mohai and Ádám Urbán.

……….we haven’t had a normal life for so long now.

We hope that this normal life will return soon and that photojournalists will not only be able to photograph the pandemic, but will be able to work again without restrictions to show and capture everything that is happening to us and around us in normal times. 

Tamás Szigeti photojournalist, curator

Source: http://fonixinfo.hu