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European Arthouse Cinema Day @ Apollo

On Sunday 8th November will be the European Arthouse Cinema Day, once again, held for the 5th time.  The event is held across the world in hundreds of arthouse cinemas on the same day.  This is an initiative of the International Association of Art Cinemas (CICAE) and Europa Cinemas, the international event aims to raise awareness of the diversity of European cinema and the importance of art cinema as a cultural and community space.

art cinema day

In participating cinemas, including Hungarian art cinemas across the country, will be a variety of programs, including pre-premiere screenings of festival-award-winning film specialties – of course, with specific attention paid to health, in line with the current pandemic situation. The Hungarian program series is organized by the Art-Cinema Association.

Full program (Sunday, November 8, 2020)

Fellini of the Spirits (12) Pre Release Screening

(Fellini degli spiriti)

Subtitled, Italian-French-Belgian documentary, 100 minutes, 2020

Soós Imre Hall – 13:30

Soós Imre Hall – 18:00

Distributor: Pannonia Entertainment

Produced by Mad Entertainment and Rai Cinema in co-production with “Walking the Dog” and Arte.

National Premiere: December 3, 2020

In honor of the career of legendary filmmaker Federico Fellini, and celebrating the 100th anniversary of his birth (January 20, 1920), David di Donatello’s award-winning documentary Anselma Dell’Olio, explores the director’s “hidden world”, arrives in cinemas.  The documentary explores Fellini’s beliefs in the spiritual and supernatural, drawing on unseen material from various film archives and through interviews with those who knew him the best.

With Fellini’s timeless works such as On the Country Road, Sweet Life, 8 and ½, or Amarcord, he marked a new path in cinematography. In his works, reality, memories, and dreams merge in a peculiar way, in his unmistakable style, compassion, poetic exaltation, grotesque humor, and mysticism are present and mixed.

The documentary, which will be released in cinemas on the occasion of the centenary and has also been selected for the competition program of the “Classics” section of the Cannes Film Festival

Renowned filmmakers such as Damien Chazelle, William Friedkin or Terry Gilliam make an appearance in the film; Fellini’s former staff, close friend, journalist Sergio Zavoli and several renowned experts, film historians and film aesthetes also contribute.


Delete History (16) – Pre Screening

Effacer l’historique

Subtitled French-Belgian comedy with Hungarian subtitles 2020, 110 minutes

Distributor: Cirko Film

National premiere: December 24, 2020

Alfréd Deésy Hall – 19:45

In one of France’s rural garden towns, three good friends united in their struggle against the challenges of the 21st century, all victims of new technology and social media. Marie is a divorced mother and is afraid that she may lose the love and respect of her teenage son because of a sex tape.

There is Christine, pushed to the brink of bankruptcy by her serial addiction, after losing her job, she ends up working as a Uber driver, but for some reason her passengers keep rating her service as one star.

Then there is Bertrand’s daughter who is being bullied online, with the help of a hacker, the three friends wage war against the data clouds that dominate their lives. During their adventures, they travel from their small-town homes all the way to California and Madagascar.

Awards: Silver Bear Award, Berlin International Film Festival


“Sweat” – Pre Release Screening.

Subtitled, Polish-Swedish film queen, 100 minutes, 2020

Alfréd Deésy Room – 17:45

Age limit: no final age limit

Distributor: Mozinet

National premiere: 2021.

One of the most resonant films of the Cannes 2020 selection, “Sweat” is an overwhelmingly honest look at the life of a famous fitness motivator. Sylwia Zając spins everything to the maximum, living her entire life in the gym and online. Underneath the surface of apparent perfection, however, lurks incomprehension, alienation, loneliness, and a hunger for love and intimacy that, after a while, can no longer be hidden from the outside world.


A Swedish film drama subtitled

My Life as a Comedian (En comikers uppväxt) Pre-Release Screening)

92 minutes, 2019

Alfred Deésy Hall – 15:30

Distributor: Vertigo Media

National premiere: 19 November 2020

Novelist Jonas Gardell adapts his own bestseller about growing up in 1970s-era Sweden with its countless perils, heartbreaks, and shifting alliances, in this painfully savvy feature from director Rojda Sekersöz (Beyond Dreams).

12-year-old Juha is the fun master of the class at the Swedish suburban school in Sävbyholm, Sweden. The only thing good about it is that it’s funny and has every desire to somehow fit into the school hierarchy.

When she later performs the horrible fun episodes of her youth to spectators in the already crowded theaters of Juha, she is unexpectedly visited by an old school friend, which causes her to return to Sävbyholm to face her past.


Sliding Love (12) (Becsúszó szerelem)  Pre-Release Screening.

Colorful, Hungarian romantic comedy, 92 minutes, 2020

Deésy Alfréd Hall – 13:15

Kertész Mihály Hall – 20:15

Distributor: Vertigo Media

National Premiere: November 12, 2020

Gyula, a soccer fanatic, and his wife, Mariann, want a child. After it turns out that both the man’s infertility and the possibility of adoption are gone, Mariann agrees as the last chance option to adopt a Roma girl from Lüszi, to take her soon-to-be-born child. The plan revolves around the lives of all of them. From now on, Gyula must constantly work hard playing the part his friends expect, to meet the expectations of his racist football fan’s friends. His private life holds unexpected twists and turns – Cupid’s arrows find the most unexpected place in his heart, putting our hero in front of a series of humorous situations and moral dilemmas.

The Sliding Love is a new feature film by Viktor Oszkár Nagy. With his fantastic first feature film, Fatherland (“Apafölddel”), he won the Gene Moskowitz Award of International Critics at the 40th Hungarian Film Festival.

Following this made a number of award-winning documentaries (Between Two Worlds, Supreme Command, Szekler Invention) and a TV film entitled The Office. The main characters of the film are András Ötvös (Open, # Never End, Divine Shift), Szabolcs Thuróczy (Comrade Drakulics, Golden Life, Something America 3, With a Pure Heart), Angéla Stefanovics (Those Who Remained, Lily Trail, Victoria: The Zurich Express) and Zoltán Rajkai (Underworld, Golden Life, Lajkó – Gypsy in Space, 1945).

In the supporting roles, among others, Réka Tenki (Open, About Body and Soul, Seveled, Budapest Noir) and the film director Szabolcs Hajdu (Ernelláék Farkasék, Bibliothéque Pascal, Fehér palm) can also be seen. The visual designer of Sliding Love is Kata Kővári, the costume designer is Judit Sinkovics (Prisoners, About Body and Soul, Something America 3, Valan – Valley of the Angels, Toxikoma). The film was produced by Campfilm, co-produced by Sparks, with the support of the Film Institute.


Spiral (16) Pre-Release Screening

Colorful Hungarian-Romanian drama, 100 minutes, 2020

Soós Imre Hall – 15:45

Soós Imre Hall – 20:00

Distributor: Vertigo Media

National presentation: November 19, 2020

 A strange triangular story of a man and two women unfolds in a lakeside house. The fishing lake traditionally lost from father to son is far from the city, an isolated, magical world. A peaceful home of fish, birds, and beasts. Below the surface, however, secrets lurk, and along with the cycle of the seasons, the ominous story of the man and two women who take care of the fishing pond is fulfilled. Psychological crime about forgiveness, repetitive relationships, conflicts, and difficulties in confrontation.

The first feature film of Spiral Felméri Cecília’s director from Cluj-Napoca (Happiness Pastille, Infinite Minutes, Matthias, Matthias, Cuckoo). His previous works have participated in several prestigious international film festivals, Felmér has been recognized with the “Hope for the Future Award” at CineFest, and the “Most Promising Young Talent Award” at the Hungarian Film Festival. He assesses all his previous works with producer András Muhi, and the current feature film is the culmination of their joint work. The protagonists of the film are the Oscar-nominated Golden Bear Award-winning Body and Soul European Film Award-winning actress Alexandra Borbély; Romanian actor Bogdan Dumitrache, a Romanian actor who has won the Best Male Leading Award at several prestigious international film festivals for his portrayal in Pororoca (Pororoca, Best Intent); and Kiss Diana Magdalene (The Great Booklet, White God,

The visual designer of the Spiral is Renátó Cseh, cinematographer – György Réder (Brazilians, Lajkó, gypsy in space), the costume designer is Zsófi Ferencz. The film was co-produced by Inforg-M&M Film and Hai Hui Entertainment, produced by FocusFox, with the support of the National Film Institute, the Romanian Film Center (CNC), and Eurimages.


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