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7th European Art Cinema Day – Apollo Cinema

For the seventh time, art cinema and European film fans are invited to European Art Cinema Day, which will be held across Europe on Sunday 13th November. In Debrecen, you can join the program at the Apollo Cinema.

Launched by the International Confederation of Art Cinemas (CICAE) and the Europa Cinemas network, this transnational event aims to raise awareness of the importance of art cinemas as cultural and community spaces and of the diversity of European cinema.

Participating cinemas, including Debrecen’s Apollo and almost all Hungarian art cinemas – will offer a special selection of films and premiere screenings of festival-worthy films with award-winning special features. This year, the Hungarian programme will include exciting new films in a variety of genres, from award-winning dramas, romantic comedies, and music documentaries to family adventure films, international co-productions, and new Hungarian films.

The national cinemas that have joined the programme will select a selection of these films to screen on 13th November, giving viewers the chance to be the first to see them at the European Art Cinema Day screenings, weeks or months before their national premieres.

The national programme is organised by Art-Mozi Association with the support of the National Cultural Fund and the Hungarian Academy of Arts.

The Debrecen programme:

1:30 p.m. Alcarras (before the premiere)

Spanish drama, colour, subtitles, 120 min, 2022

The Solé family has been growing peaches for generations in Alcarràs, a small Spanish village. But the agricultural work gets harder every year, making it increasingly impossible to make a living. This year’s harvest could be the last, as new investment is planned in the area, including the felling of peach trees. For the first time, the family faces an uncertain future, with more to lose than their home.

Alcarrás had its world premiere at one of the world’s most prestigious ‘A’ film festivals, the Berlin International Film Festival, where it won the Golden Bear Award for Best Film. Catalan writer-director Carla Simón’s first film was already a huge success in 2017, winning the Best First Feature at the Berlinale in the Summer of 1993 and the Grand Prix of the International Student Jury. Alcarrás is a sensitive family drama that has been a huge success with both professionals and audiences.

Buy tickets: https://jegy.apollomozi.hu/?jegyfoglalas&id=24485

3:45 p.m. The Cave (93 min)

An Italian-French-German film drama, 93 min, 2021

In 1961, the Piedmont Caving Team sets off for the southern Italian countryside in search of unexplored passages. The dangerous expedition is watched suspiciously by an elderly shepherd from the foothills of the Calabrian mountains.

Michelangelo Frammartino has once again produced a meditative film full of picturesque images after Life Four Times, which was awarded a special prize by the jury of the 2021 Venice Film Festival. Frammartino’s astonishing allegory has enchanted audiences at countless film festivals from Brussels to Jerusalem. The poetic, silent, ethereal harmony of this documentary wrapped in fiction is not only a rare cinematic experience but also a philosophical puzzle about the eternal conflict between civilisation and nature.

The film premiered at Cinefest 2022, where it won the International Ecumenical Jury Prize.

Other awards: Venice Film Festival, Special Jury Prize.

Tickets: https://jegy.apollomozi.hu/?jegyfoglalas&id=24486

5:45 p.m. 8 Mountain (before the premiere)

A subtitled Italian-Belgian-French drama, 147 min, 2022

According to Hindu mythology, eight mountains border the world, with a ninth giant mountain in the middle.

Will we find happiness if we live our lives on the huge mountain in the middle or if we visit the other eight? Pietro and Bruno, two teenagers, spend summers together in the Dolomites; in the autumn, Pietro goes home to Turin, a crowded city, while Bruno stays in the mountains in his village. The two boys develop a very deep friendship as children, which is broken during their teenage years. As Pietro grows up, he searches for his place in the world, while Bruno tries to make a living in his home village, where he runs a farm based on centuries-old traditions. They meet again after almost 20 years and are more dependent on each other now than at any time in their lives.

This time, the director of “Alabama,” “Monroe,” and “The Magnificent Boy” takes us to stunning Italian landscapes to show a friendship that spans decades. The Eight Hills is the film adaptation of Paolo Cognetti’s best-selling novel, which was published in Italy and won the Jury Prize at the Cannes International Film Festival.

Tickets: https://jegy.apollomozi.hu/?jegyfoglalas&id=24487

8:30 p.m. Next Summer (before the premiere)

Hungarian film drama, 84 min, 2022

Milan, an 18-year-old restless high school student, attends a summer camp with his classmates. A love triangle begins to develop between him, Anna, and Dani. The three young people go their separate ways, but events take an unexpected turn. After a year, the class returns to the place where the trip took place, this time without Milan: the boy has committed suicide. His memory has left an indelible mark. They try to recall the stories and search for answers to the question: could the tragedy have been avoided? Can the classmates come to terms with the trauma together?

György Kárpáti is one of the most successful directors of Mór’s generation. His short film Forest was screened at the Berlinale, and Provincia debuted at Cannes. Future Summer is his second feature film, the subject matter and the way it was made give us a glimpse into the minds of young people.

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