Welcome to Debrecen!


Meet the Team

Our team is a diverse bunch of people, typical residents of Debrecen from a wide range of backgrounds, all with a singular passion for everything about the City of Debrecen.  What differentiates Debrecen from other cities is its people, in that they all love the City of Debrecen.  We, the team are Debreceni, living the Debrecen Experience every day. Make the Debrecen Experience Your Experience.


I like traveling and meeting new people. As a customer service manager at the VisitDebrecen tourist information point, I meet tourists every day from all over the world. If you travel to Debrecen, I will be at your service and help you find the best places to visit and the coolest programs to attend.


I am a customer service manager at the VisitDebrecen tourist information point where you are most likely to meet me. I gladly help you with up-to-date tourist information to make your stay in Debrecen as good as possible. I often attend local and national cultural events and festivals too like the Campus Festival and the Debrecen Flower Festival where I represent and promote Debrecen.


Did you know that there is always something happening in Debrecen? As a customer service manager at the VisitDebrecen tourist information point, I help you choose an event that best suits your needs and interests, whether it be an art exhibition or a rock concert, at the same time help you purchase your ticket to the chosen events. 


I am responsible for our international relations, mainly in the field of cultural tourism. I keep contact with cultural experts and project managers from all over Europe and attend international workshops. My task is to plan Debrecen’s strategy in terms of cultural tourism. My goal is to show the visitors of Debrecen our beauties in line with trends in international tourism.


As a proud local, at the same time the PR manager of VisitDebrecen, my goal is to attract visitors to Debrecen from all over the world. I organize press trips, create PR articles, prepare social media content, and often take international travel trade professionals, journalists, travel bloggers and TV crews on sightseeing tours. We may also meet at travel trade fairs and tourism workshops where I regularly represent Debrecen.