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ABLAK, an Exhibition of the Debrecen Photo Workshop

“The Debrecen Photo Workshop was founded at the beginning of 1998 from the former members of the Debrecen Photo Club. Since then, the Workshops membership has grown steadily. They are organizationally independent, rather a group of friends, and do not charge a membership fee.

With the name choice “Photo Workshop”, they wanted to emphasize that they expect some activity from their members, because what kind of workshop is it where people just sit and do no work? It was for this reason that they decided not to use the word “club” because it is more associated with appearances, attending gatherings, listening to speakers, and providing programs to the leader, rather than doing something creative. 


They want the photo creation process to be more than two choices: what rectangular area of the world is selected for framing, and the moment when the photographer presses the shutter button. Let’s face it when someone says “I took the picture”, little skill is involved, very often it is the only thing he did, – press the button.  All the rest of the work is done by the camera and/or lab technicians. 

There is no “get away” with creating an object that requires a series of artwork. Representatives of the co-arts also often do not accept the performance of the photographer as equal as their own because they believe that creating a painting or a sculpture, requires more knowledge and work than taking photos.

Debrecen Photo Workshop wants more intellectual choices, thoughtful concepts, and personal presence. They also want the camera to rearrange the world. They want their members to create a pre-existing reality before reaching for the camera, develop their own recordings, and set up their own conditions. They also wish their members to learn long-forgotten technologies and become an expert in creating photos like the old masters were.

As artists “scan or explain the universe to understand the significance of events, to come into contact with holiness or to commit sacrilege, to proclaim, and to deny the principles of morality and truth, to confront the unknown, to make words, to sound and they stir our senses by subjugating and reacting to colors ”.

According to Géza Seres, the artistic director of the Photo Workshop, they want their members to be able to implement all these above.

Exhibiting photographers: Péter Bakator // Gábor Balogh // András Csergő // Melinda Deák // Barna Deli // András Gál // Dr. Matild Kovács // Lehel Palotás // Géza Seres // Éva Tuskáné Koncz // Tamás Varga

The exhibition can be seen until 9th August during the opening hours of the Kölcsey Center, from 9.30 am to 6 pm daily, and until 7 pm during evening events. 

Admission: free of charge