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Airport Adventure Tours Coming next Year to Debrecen

Experience-centric programs, professional tour guides, dedicated Ikarus nostalgia bus. 

As soon as the situation allows and scheduled flights return to Debrecen International Airport, organized airport visits will start. After a long and detailed preparation, a cooperation agreement was concluded  between Debrecen International Airport Kft. and the Aviation Cultural Center, which operates the Aeropark Aviation Museum in Ferihegy,  in the autumn.

The three-hour airport program is tailored by the the organizers according to the flight schedule. Visitors can watch departing and arriving Airbus A320s and Boeing 737s from an old strip of concrete that runs parallel to the runway. 

Visitors can learn what happens in the rather short 30-minute turnaround times of flights and how to prepare a 180-seater plane for its next trip.

Tour guides will explain in detail about the roles and tasks on the ground, what service work is needed for an airplane to take off, and how flight information and air traffic controllers work in the tower and control center. 

One of the most exciting elements of the program is when visitors can get off the illuminated runway for a short time, obviously only during a traffic-free period. 

During their airport visit, visitors will also learn about the military past of Debrecen Airport and how it has become a key airport in the region in recent decades. Visitors can view one of the old hangars, learn about the work of airport firefighters, while tour guides are constantly commenting on the sights and trying to give a comprehensive picture of the past, and the present, as well as aviation professions.  

The Aviation Cultural Center (LKK) has been organizing and facilitating the increasingly popular airport visits at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport for eight years. Many international airports in Europe offer similar programs, and Budapest is unique because the group of visitors gets off the museum-worthy Malév Ikarus bus several times near the taxiways, runways and parking lots.

Before the program, all visitors go through the same passenger security check as when someone is preparing to travel. This will be the same in Debrecen, the founder of LKK Dániel Somogyi-Tóth said. Dániel Somogyi-Tóth is well known to the audience as the chief music director of the city for a long time.

The airport visits to Debrecen are planned to be organized every weekend. During the week, kindergarten and school groups will be greeted by organizers and airport staff with content tailored to the needs of the given age group, – no matter if we talk about  an adventurous class trip or a career orientation day, Balázs Kránitz, a spokesman for LKK, said. 

Gift vouchers for the 2021 airport programs are already available in the Aeropark webshop.

Source: https://visitdebrecen.com/hu/hot-now/repteri-elmenyturak-indulnak-a-debreceni-repuloteren/