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ALL-IN Debrecen: Flemish Days

“ALL-IN Debrecen” is a series of events the aim of which is to facilitate a cross-culture exchange, celebrating our differences by raising awareness of interesting customs and gastronomy of the cultures living in Debrecen. In the first event, taking place between the 2nd to 31st of May, representatives of the Flemish nation will introduce the sava-pepper of their culture.

The aim of ALL-IN Debrecen’s events is to create community events whose message is to promote mutual interest, respect diversity, and, ultimately, engage with each other to support a cohesive urban community and encourage mutual understanding. It is an important task of the municipality for a city that is changing its scale and becoming a multi-ethnic community.

Manneken Pis Challenge

ALL-IN Debrecen I Flemish Cultural Days will kick off on the 3rd of May with a community scavenger hunt.

The Manneken Pis, a small bronze fountain statue, is a symbol of Brussels. The organisers of ALL-IN Debrecen | Flemish Cultural Days are hiding a miniature replica of the statue in various locations around the city. Treasure hunters can look for the mini Manneken Pis figurines hidden around the fountains in Debrecen and bring the statue to the Kölcsey Centre to exchange it for a ticket to the fantastic concert by the world-famous Flemish composer and pianist Wim Mertens on 4th May. A total of 5 figurines await you! If you find one, please leave the other four for the other treasure hunters.

A world of comics

Tintin, Lucky Luke, Largo Winch are just a few of the characters who have made Belgian comic book characters famous across the globe. After the publication of the first comic strip, Spirou, in 1938, an incredible success story began, with the most famous cartoonists becoming national heroes. In Belgium, comic books are still a national cause, as they are the most popular medium for entertainment and education. Collections of comic books are passed down from father to son like a family heirloom, and the heir has a duty to not only care for them but add to them.

The 3rd May lecture, entitled Comic World, will focus on European and Belgian comic book culture.

Wim Mertens – Solo piano and Voice Recital

World-renowned Flemish composer and pianist Wim Mertens – Solo piano and voice recital is coming to Debrecen as part of the Inescapable Tour 2022, featuring a repertoire of the artist’s most emblematic compositions. The mystical piano solos are accompanied by Mertens’ unique tenor, offering a subtle mosaic of emotions. Early in his career, Mertens accompanied the journeys of composers such as Philip Glass, Steve Reich, Terry Riley, and Meredith Monk as a producer. His own compositions show stylistic traits ranging from experimental music to avant-garde, from new-age to contemporary classical music, always with a connection to the minimal. On 4th May he will give an unforgettable concert at the Kölcsey Centre. Tickets are now available on the Kölcsey Centre website.

Candy making workshop

On the recommendation of the Debrecziner Gourmet Festival, the bonbon master of Mákvirág Cukrászda will introduce the interested audience to the world of chocolate and the bonbon-making process. What is tempering? What is a frosting? Find out at the workshop. Wonderful fruits, heavenly spices, and of course the best quality chocolate will be at the participants’ disposal.

The full programme of ALL-IN Debrecen | Flemish Cultural Days is as follows –

3rd May 2022 Manneken Pis Challenge
3rd May 2022 6:00 p.m. Comic World | MODEM Green Kiln Café
3rd to 5th May 2022. Flemish Poetry Garden | Déri Square

4th May 2022 12:30 p.m. Bonbon making workshop : Kölcsey Centre
4th May 2022 7:00 p.m. Wim Mertens: Solo Piano : Kölcsey Centre
5th May 2022 8:00 p.m. KocsmaKórus : Incognito Club
6th May 2022 7:00 p.m. Opening of the exhibition “The Capital of Brussels” : Holland to Flamand Centre
10th to 12th May 2022 Flemish Film Week: Apollo Cinema
10th May 2022 7:00 p.m. Flanders: long history, bright future: Incognito Club

26th May 2022 at 7:00 p.m. “The wind blows from Flanders” Organ concert | Great Church


2nd to 22nd May 2022 Luc Maes – Corpus Vocale photo exhibition | Water Tower of the Great Forest

2nd to 31st May 2022 Flanders on the menu: cookbook exhibition: Belgian Restaurant

7 May – 7 July 2022 “The Capital of Brussels” exhibition – Holland-Flanders Centre The programmes are supported by the Flemish Government.