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Apollo Feature Online – The conquest of the Carpathian Basin

The movie entitled “Hungarian Wanderer” is a fictional comedy by the film director Gábor Herendi. The story is a Hungarian favorite telling the story about the seven Hungarian leaders of the invasion of the Carpathian Basin.

The story begins as the seven leaders wake up to find that the Hungarians armies have already left without them. They are forced to follow them and on arrival find that, not only their new homeland but their people as well. During their wanderings, they experience comic and tragicomic episodes of Hungarian history in forests and castles, inns and hotels, while fighting the Tartars, harem ladies, the Kurucs and the English footballers. 

Hungarian Wanderer by Director Gábor Herendi. 

You can watch the movie here starting at 6:15 PM and be part of the online discussion with the film director Gábor Herendi on the Facebook page of Apollo cinema or DEkulT after the movie. 

In reality, the Hungarians settled in the Great Plain areas of the Carpathian Basin around 895. Long before the Hungarians arrived into the Carpathian Basin. Prior to their arrival, the territory was controlled by the First Bulgarian Empire, and East Francia and Moravia battled each other for its control. The empire of the sons of the Moravian Prince Svatopluk I started falling apart, which made things easier for the Hungarians to wrestle control.

By 902, the entire territory of the Carpathian Basin was under Hungarian control.

Constantine Porphyrogenitus wrote that the Hungarians were organized into seven tribes that formed a confederation. The 7 leaders were the seven leaders portrayed in the movie above. They were the leaders of seven tribes of Hungarians at the time of the conquest, in 895.