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Is the Campus Festival Still Going Ahead or Will It be Cancelled?

In an interview with Dehir.hu, the Managing Director of Campus Nonprofit Kft., the organizer’s of the Campus festival explained that due to the coronavirus epidemic, they have found themselves in a difficult situation. 

According to the festival director the decision of whether to proceed, postpone or cancel Campus Festival, scheduled for July 22-26, has not yet been made.  It will either be held at the original time or the festival will be canceled this year. A decision on this will be taken in early June at the latest. 

Péter Miklósvölgyi, managing director of Campus Nonprofit Kft., said that it is a question whether it will be possible to hold a mass event at the end of July, he said that since practically all major events are postponed until August or September because holding them now involves a great deal of risk. 

Big events will have to be re-planned, as there will surely be many people who want to celebrate euphorically the end of the pandemic, but many will probably be unable to spend as much as they would have liked at the event, having fun as they could have, before the pandemic. 

In addition, it is also possible that many people will not dare to go to big events or festivals for fear of spreading Coronavirus to their elderly relatives.

Thousands of passes for this year’s Campus Festival have already been sold during the early bird pre-sale period. 

If they can’t hold the festival this year, shoppers can choose to reclaim the price of the pass or keep their pass, which will be valid for the 2021 Campus. Buyers will be able to choose from the options on offer in June, after deciding on a possible delay, however, the organizers are confident they can keep the festival on the dates planned. 

Last year, Campus had a record number of visitors, with 114,000 people partying at the festival.