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Campus Festival and the Flower Carnival might Still be held in summer

In addition to economic development, culture is also an important chapter of Debrecen’s 2021 draft budget. István Puskás, Deputy Mayor for Culture of Debrecen said, he also spoke about the main figures of the budget in this area, the ongoing infrastructural developments and the priorities for 2021 in Esti Közelkép a local television program.


István Puskás highlighted that unfortunately the pandemic is still here with us in 2021 and it will probably leave its mark on the whole year. He said that the local  government, however, is optimistic about the second quarter and they hope that there will be some kind of opening and the culture can move back to the open air. He hopes that indoor events can be organized in the autumn. 

The close-down and not being able to sell theater and exhibition tickets, had created a loss of revenue of several hundred million forints. It is not yet known when this revenue can be returned to the centre budget. However, the city has a B-plan in the case of additional stronger restrictions in the future.

The local government is filling public areas with small programs to connect with the people. Thanks to the shop windows and online programs, people in Debrecen were able to see the work of  the different cultural institutions, Puskás said. 

The deputy mayor said that the level of support for the Vojtina Puppet Theater, the Csokonai Theater, the Kodály Philharmonic and the Péter Méliusz Juhász Library will change somewhat this year and  they also try to support cultural creative communities outside the institutional system, citing Rocksuli as well as the local folk dance ensembles as examples. Such communities could apply for support with the aim of becoming more active. 

The deputy mayor also talked about developments including the establishment of a new concert hall on the site of the former Delta cinema. The venue will provide an opportunity for the less well known bands to introduce themselves.

The deputy mayor said that smaller events might be organized in the first half of the summer, although the Campus Festival and the Flower Carnival might still be held, although with some restrictions.