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Christmas Concerts

The build-up to Christmas can feel like it never ends, the grey sky, the cold and dark feel oppressive and more than a little depressing. It is in these moments of winter lows that we can turn to music to elevate and overcome those depressive tendencies and raise spirits to new highs.

Why not schedule a concert and visit the Christmas Fair and take in the festive atmosphere of Kossuth Square with its Christmas Tree and 200,000 lights and stroll among the stalls of the street fair before heading to the warmth and cheer of one of the following concerts held at the Great Reformed Church or the Kölcsey Központ (Center).

Concerts in December

Szentpéteri Csilla & Band – 100% Zene, Vendég: Gájer Bálint – 6th December @ 7 p.m. (Great Reformed Church)

Gergely Rákász’s Organ Concert – 10th December @ 6 p.m. (Great Reformed Church)

Pápai Joci & Caramel – Acoustic concert – 13th December @ 7 p.m. (Great Reformed Church)

Kaláka együttes – Csak az egészség meglegyen! (Only health should be!) – 20th December @ 7 p.m. (Great Reformed Church)

Christmas Concert of the Kodály Choir and the Savaria Baroque Orchestra – 21st December @ 7 p.m. (Kölcsey Központ)