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Church Fair Debrecen – May

On the third Saturday of each month, at the relaunched Egyháztáji (Church) fair, visitors can buy products from local producers and artisans at favorable prices in the heart of the city center. The fair is held with the goal to organize a consumer community where producers meet consumers interested in domestic products. They explain that “we see that our county is full of many treasure-worthy products that are made with serious expertise and a glowing passion, but somehow do not reach the general public”.

The next fair is held on May 20, Saturday on Kálvin Square from 8 am to 6 pm as part of the Debrecen Reformed Days and features a cooking competition, concerts, and services.


09:00-16:00 Church fair and cooking competition of the communities
14:45 Opening speech, featuring Kharisz Brass Band
15:00 Selection of old reformed songs performed by Ildikó Bárdosi folk singer, Miklós Molnár folk musician and Gábor Tokodi lyre artist
15:40 “The relation between Debrecenism and the reformed identity” – quiz
16:10 Első lépés concert
17:00 Outdoor service
19:00 Credo Band concert

Participants of the May church fair

– Juhász Zsolt – smoked pork products
– Andi-Mangi – Mangalica, buffalo meat products
– Tóth Beekeeping
– Gyugos Cheese
– Zádor Artisan Coffee
– Glassed Hajdúbagos
– Kökényessy Apple Vinegar  
– Panificio il Basilico Debrecen
– Debreczeni Cheese Workshop
– Mozsolygó – Handicraft Products
– Dolls of Kataanya
– Mandala Artisan Studio
– Derecskei Fenséges
– Kárpátia Wine House
– Pabu Candle Manufactory
– Tasty Angel
– Veronika’s Gingerbread Corner
– Jewelry Paintings
– La Pure – aroma therapy and spa experience
– MiraWorld – artisan jewelry