Welcome to Debrecen!


Churchyard Food Market Re-Opens

On the third Saturday of every month, market visitors can buy the products of local producers and craftsmen at a favorable price in the city center at the relaunching Church Fair.

Participants Of The May Church Fair

  • Tóth Beekeeping Mikepércs – Kemencezug Mikepércs
  • Balmaz Pasta – Balmazújváros
  • Gyugos Sajt – Derecske
  • Kovács Tanya Hajdúszoboszló
  • Gourmet Chilikert – Debrecen
  • Zádor Handicraft Coffee – Debrecen
  • BlackBunny Handicraft Chocolate – Hajdúszoboszló
  • Oriental Mushrooms – Close-up – Majestic Derecskei
  • Péter Kósa producer (cheese, smoked goods)
  • Zsolt Juhász producer (smoked goods)

Please observe the rules (use of a mask, keep a protective distance.)

This event is organized by Hajdúság Éléskamrája, in conjunction with Hungarian Reformed Charity Service and Debrecen’s Great Reformed Parish Church.

Hajdúság Éléskamrája is an organization whose goal is to organize a consumer community where producers meet consumers interested in domestic products. They explain that “we see that our county is full of many treasure-worthy products that are made with serious expertise and a glowing passion, but somehow do not reach the general public”

Not only do we help and protect Hungarian handicraft producers, but we also serve our customers with high-quality domestic products.

Craft Fair