Welcome to Debrecen!


Coming to the Watertower in February

If the cold and wet weather or COVID-19 is getting you down, why not get out of the house (if vaccinated) and meet with friends for a night of music. During February there is something going on every week in the alternative music space at the Watertower.

Be Massive Farsang

Saturday, 12th February 2022 from 9:00 p.m. 5:00 a.m.

Genre: Techno, Indie
We are going to bring you musically smarter, hot techno.
line up: Metha, Blas, Dirty Ice, Somazed

Be Massive Records
Be Massive doesn’t limit themselves to genres, they draw from every style that might be enjoyed by their audience.
Be Massive is characterised by an austere, deep sound, full bass, hypnotic grooves, and metallic minimalism.
All this is coupled with convincing logic.

DJ: Gábor Bogdándy (Be Massive)
👻 Limited entry and 18+ only.
Early Bird: 1800 Ft
Normal: 2500 Ft
Entry only with vaccination certificate

Galaxisok, Analog Balaton, The Crams

Friday, 25th February 2022 at 8:00 p.m.


The first side of their new album is all rage and defiance, in contrast to side B which is all dreamy. The album is in many ways a reflection of a stage of life and is a sign of the times. Will you be able to identify with Szabó Benedek work and say “Yes, this is a sign of the times?”


The Crams

Alternative rock band from Debrecen, Hungary. This is their 3rd anniversary, formed in February 2019.

Members: Levente Felföldi (vocals, keyboards),Nándor Illés (guitar),András Nagy (guitar),András Fodor (bass),Ádám Juhász (drums)

Advance and on-site ticket price: 3000 HUF
Buy your tickets online.

The concert is only open to visitors with a valid immunity certificate in accordance with the current epidemiological regulations!
The event is supported by the National Cultural Fund and the Sound Occupation Programme.

Hétköznapi Csalódások – Debrecen – Csókol Attila, Album Release Concert, Guest: BoobStorm

Saturday, 26th February 2022 at 8:00 p.m.

Kiss Atilla has launched an album in Debrecen!
The Csókol Attila album release tour is on the way, there will be a sneak look at the best songs of the new album in between the old, well-known Picsa songs.

The gates open at 8:00 p.m. on Saturday. Make your meets and greets and get situated for the lineup.

9:00 p.m. BoobStorm (Opening performance)

This Punk Rock band has been going strong in its current form since 2017 and the direction remained California punk rock, but they also infiltrated some ska and reggae music into their songs.

In 2017, after a couple of member changes, the (hopefully) permanent line-up was formed, and the resulting inner peace and harmony has been a productive period, with the guys saying this is their best line-up yet, and if any of them dare to quit after this, they’ll at least quarter them, in the name of peace and harmony of course.
So far they’ve released two singles and shot videos for 4 songs, the latter in the spirit of DIY.

They still have no plans to change the world, they just want to play better punk rock music in as many places as possible all over the country.

10:00 p.m. HétköznaPI CSAlódások
Entrance fee: 3.000 Ft
Tickets: Only available on site, no advance booking.
Free entry for Silver and Gold level supporters of the album!

All performances are subject to changes, so be sure to check social media for the latest information at the watertowers Facebook page.