Welcome to Debrecen!


Create Your Own Graphics in Modem Workshop + Exhibition

You can create your own graphics in the free workshops of Modem.

The artists of the exhibition “Debrecen / art” hold small workshops every Friday at 4 pm in Modem. 

MODEM Center of Modern & Contemporary Art
MODEM Center of Modern & Contemporary Art

The participants of these free events can become acquainted with various graphic techniques including gravure printing, linocut, or even etching to create their own works.

The first workshop will be led by István Tamus on October 30th, followed by Zoltán Fátyol on November 6.

Due to COVID-19, the number of participants is limited to eight people for each indoor workshop. Participation is subject to pre-registration.

To pre-register, send your email to Edina Galgóczi (edina.modem @ gmail.com).


While visiting the Modem it is worth taking a look at the exhibition about Debrecen the Civic city.

Forty artists present what Debrecen means to them. 

The Graphic Artists of the Ajtósi Dürer Association brings together artists living in and around the city of Debrecen.

The exhibition of Modem celebrates the 20th anniversary of the foundation of the association.

The artists express their creativity using drawing and the tools of the modern age. The paintings can be seen in the Modem until 22nd November.