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Debrecen Flower Carnival Week – The Details

The Flower Carnival week, taking place between 15th-23rd of August, provides a color extravaganza with both traditional and new programs.

Participation in the Decoration of the Flower Floats

In the early days of the carnival, the residents of Debrecen came together to decorate the first flower floats. This year this community experience will come back to life so that those interested can also take part in the decoration of the floats. 

Date of flower cars decoration:

• 15 August, 12 PM, Lake Békás

• 18 August 18, 7 PM Székelyek Park.

Trained flower sculptors will demonstrate the process and techniques used in different parts of the city.

Exhibition of the flower floats

The theme of flower floats this year will focus on famous Hungarian artists, performers, inventors, scientists, and in general, historical figures who created something lasting in their own field and by doing so changed the world through their work.

In 2020, the flower floats can be seen at  II. Pope John Paul Square for free of charge.

Carnival Parade

Evening Carnival Parade

On the evening of August 20, there will be an evening parade but not in the stadium but on the street, Art ensembles will march the street starting from Kölcsey Center all the way to the Great Forest.

Additional Programs of the Flower Carnival Week

Nights of classical music

15th August , 9 PM – Kodály Philharmonic will perform Beethoven IX. symphony 

Nights of Lights

18-22nd August. Internationally recognized groups of artists will create contemporary light art displays throughout the city. 3D mapping artists of world fame will be bringing the buildings of our city to life with their spectacular animation show.

night of lights

II. Night Ride

20th August, 8 PM –  Ride with hundreds of cyclists on the evening of August 20th. The cycling parade will start from Petőfi Square and continue all the way to the Great Forest. Bikes will be decorated with lights.

night ride

Exhibitions at the Kölcsey Centre

The entire ground floor of the Kölcsey Center will become home to exhibitions. This includes Sándor Makoldi’s exhibition entitled “Degree in the corridor” and the exhibition of Viola Boros entitled “My own Eden”.

Inauguration of the statue of St. Stephen

20th August, 8 PM,  Dósa Nádor Square

The Kossuth Prize-winning singer and storyteller András Berecz will participate in the inauguration of the statue of St. Stephen.

Music Events at the University Square

16-21st August, University of Debrecen

16th August – Debrecen Big Band concert

17th August – Concert of the Debrecen Local Guard Orchestra

18th August – Night of folk musicians, dance house

19th August – Concert of the 50-year-old LUX band

20th August – Street Party with the band RedProdukció

21st August – Tamás Szarka and his band

The city is dancing!

Between 15th and 20th, August local art ensembles will be seen all over the city, including the Great Forest, bringing the carnival atmosphere and providing those interested in dance lessons.

Galiba Children’s Festival

The Galiba Children’s Festival was first organized eight years ago and this year will be organized and located at a new place in cooperation with the Debrecen Zoo, Botanical Garden, and Amusement Park. Children can see exciting performances and spectacular musical productions, as well as learn about the fauna and flora of the Great Forest and walk the fairytale trail.

Event Opening and Galiba parade: 16 August (ends 20 August)

Galiba Children’s Festival

Carnival Hair and Hair Sculpture Show

20th August,  Great Forest

Thank you, Debrecen

This year, the art performance ensembles will give performances in those parts of Debrecen where the sign “Thank you Debrecen!” words can be found, and made from flowers.