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Debrecen Gourmet Festival – The Details!

Since 2016 the Debrecen Gourmet Festival has been held; the event celebrates both traditional and modern tastes, bringing together the who’s who of Gastronomy in Hungary. This year, at the 5th Debrecen Gourmet Festival, between the 3rd and 5th of September, experience the best of Mangalica, chili, and plums; these are the featured items at this year’s event.

Debrecen Gourmet Festival

Experience the dishes of more than thirty exhibitors, including the Young Chef of the Year, Ádám Mede, the Michelin-starred chef, Ádám Mészáros, and Chef Ádám Barna, all on the shores of Lake Békás.

Those who attend the event can experience the best of the best, all in one place at one point in time, where the leaders in culinary delight represent the top in Hungary, whether it be fine dining restaurants, fine bistros, food trucks, or excellent small producers. An important part of Debrecen’s appeal to tourists is this festival, which undertakes to present local, high-quality gastronomy, which is strongly supported by the Stylish Rural Restaurant Association.

At the first event, in 2016, the Debrecen sausages were in the spotlight; in 2017, we focused on the authentic flavors of the Hortobágy National Park and, in 2018 a particularly exciting spice (Paprika) and Hungaricum, not forgetting Horseradish, a local favorite.

List of Restaurants Represented.

The following restaurants/chefs are represented (in ABC order):

  • Almavirág Restaurant (Derecske),
  • Anyukám Mondta (Encs) (My Mother Said – Encs),
  • Babka Budapest,
  • Big Fish (Budapest),
  • Bistro42 Restaurant (Esztergom),
  • BOTANIQ Turai Kastély (Turai Castle),
  • Ikon Restaurant (Debrecen),
  • Leves Gasztroműhel (Soup Gastro Workshop) (Miskolc),
  • Kis Padlizsán (Little Eggplant) (Debrecen),
  • Laurel Budapest,
  • Paparazzi Kitchen & Bar (Debrecen)
  • Pálma Restaurant (Debrecen),
  • Chef Asztala Restaurant (Budapest)
  • SVÉT restaurant point (with the participation of Macok Bistro, among others),
  • Terminal Bistro & Wine (Miskolc),
  • Wok To Box (Debrecen).

The Grill Academy (Debrecen) and the Duck You (Gléda Restaurant Budapest) will be here in the spirit of quality Street-Food.

  • We can taste the wonderful cakes of Kiss Virág Confectionery (Debrecen),
  • Jardin (Garden) (Debrecen),
  • Mákvirág Confectionery (Debrecen)
  • Bakeries of Panificio Il Basilico
  • Szabi, Pék (Bakery) (Budapest).  

The Sárréti Chilifarm (Idle) and the Szender Garden will be exhibited, and in addition, there will also be a producer market.

The beverage offer is provided by the Hungarian distributor of Bor és Más Kft., Among others,

  • Bortársaság,
  • DiVino,
  • Gulácsi Pálinkák,
  • Szentkirályi Mineral Water,
  • MONYO Brewing,
  • Champagne Taittinger.
  • Boutiq’Bar (Budapest),
  • Paparazzi Kitchen & Bar (Debrecen)
  • Maszek Debrecen offer cocktails with a unique taste.
  • Coffee miracles are provided by Black Sheep Café & Kitchen.

Claudia Liptai will host the festival with the best chefs “spinning the wooden spoon” on the gastronomy stage. Among others, Ádám Mede (Laurel Budapest), Ádám Mészáros (Botaniq Turai Castle), Ádám Thür (Ikon Restaurant), László Ruprecht (SVÉT) will perform and cook.

A novelty is that in addition to the sophisticated lounge and chill-out music of DJ. a noted, acclaimed harmonicist, singer, songwriter who has toured Europe and the United States solo and with his various formations, and will have a French fashion-inspired fashion show on Saturday and Sunday courtesy of the Forum Shopping Center.

The organizers also considered the needs of children, so the Pocket Chef terrace opens for them again. The Green Circle in Hajdúböszörmény awaits families with younger people with all-day programs, and the older ones can play the latest games on an X-box console thanks to the support of Media Markt.

We can also admire the three cars of BMW Magisz Kft.
On the BMW MAGISZ VIP terrace, those with a VIP pass can take part in separate drink and food tastings.

The Debrecziner Gourmet Award was launched in 2018 with the intention of creating a tradition in the framework of which, again this year, the visiting audience can vote directly and choose the best exhibitor.
Based on this, on the event’s closing day, the winner will receive a unique work of sculpture by the sculptor Róbert Rácz.

The Debrecziner Gourmet Festival can only be attended per the applicable epidemiological regulations.
Guests can attend the event with a security card and identity document and an escort with the same documents in the case of minors.