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A Debrecen Treasure On Display in Budapest

One of the Déri Museums’ treasured artifacts is an ornate sarcophagus containing a 3,400-year-old Egyptian; is now proudly on display in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest

On 30th August 2021, the mummy was prepared for its display as a key piece of the exhibition entitled “Amenhotep II and His Time.” at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. Slight restoration work was done by the Déri Museums team in Debrecen prior to transportation.

The mummy was acquired from Archduke Franz Ferdinand Carl Ludwig Joseph Maria of Austria by Frigyes Déri, – the founder of the museum. “He, wanted a museum where he could present all the great cultures, and it was vital for him to have Egyptian material as well”, Lajos Lakner, deputy director of science at the Déri Museum, said.

A middle-aged man rests in the sarcophagus and based on the quality of the decoration, experts suggest that he was an affluent man, possibly an influential priest of Amenhotep II, who ruled ancient Egypt during the 18th Dynasty (around 1427–1400 BC).

The sarcophagus is in excellent condition considering its age and is a beautiful example of a high-quality Egyptian object and is beautifully painted; if we look closely or with a microscope, the details and the brushstrokes are visible, Éva Galambos, restorer, said. 

The sarcophagus artwork and several other Egyptian treasures will be displayed at the Museum of Fine Arts from 16th September until 9th January 2022.