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Debrecen Public Baths: Relaxing or Terrifying – You Decide

When the baths open in 2020, the design by Bord Studio is aimed to meet the requirements of everyone!

Extreme Fun for youngsters sounds great, but for parents, or grandparents, it sounds exhausting.  From zero to crazy speed in just a few seconds sounds like a blast, awesome to some, but not to others, not for those who just want to relax. 

The location of the baths certainly sounds relaxing, located in the great forest, surrounded by trees.  While the waterslides sure sound like fun for thrill-seekers, or utterly terrifying, depending on your inclination.

  • 70-meter UFO slide,
  • 95-meter closed slide,
  • 110-meter slide and
  • 125-meter rubber ring slide.


bath water slide
The kids will love this!

The relaxing sun terrace sounds a little more subdued, on one hand, it is described as 12 metres high and above the action, and at the same time covering a 2500 metre area, with bars and relaxing spa pools. 

There certainly sounds like contradictions in the design here, so what’s the secret, – how can you have both, all the action and all the benefits of relaxation?

The secret seems to be at the heart of the design concept, 5700 square metre water surface area might seem like an awful lot, but this is because the idea behind the design concept was to build not only horizontally, but also vertically, in a way which is unique, impossible to compare with other “baths”.

Quoting the Mayor Mr. Laszlo Papp, “We didn’t want to create something that was just average here, in one of the world’s most beautiful urban parks”.

This brings us to the heart of the matter, it’s designed to be stunningly beautiful, – stunning waterfalls surrounded by living walls of greenery.  Family fun and action, for as long as parents can take the pace while in the enclosed fun-filled building A, after which they can escape to peace and tranquillity to ease their nerves, to relax and have a massage and unwind.

Without a doubt, the renovation of the Debrecen public bath and spa center is one of the most anticipated and important developments of the New Phoenix Project. I for one can’t wait to see if they achieve the desired result.

Pictures speak louder than words, so check out the pictures below to see for yourself, and pencil in Debrecen as your holiday destination next year for watery fun for all the family and the entire Debrecen Experience.