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Debrecen Zoo is Closed but Life Continues behind Locked Gates

While the Zoo gates remain closed to the public, new animal arrivals continue. To meet their needs and make Debrecen Zoo a home outside of their natural habitat, suitable animal enclosures have to be built to house the newcomers.

New animal enclosures for newcomers

The two-year-old yellow-headed water monitor (Varanus cumingi) is already feeling good in his terrarium, even though it is not yet fully furnished. The home of this huge reptile is currently being remodeled at the zoo. New specimens are also arriving, for which additional new enclosures are also being made. 

Rare Golden poison dart frogs arrived 

Golden Poison Dart Frog

Despite COVID-19, the ZOO has recently welcomed five golden poison dart frogs from Pécs Zoo. The frogs have already moved into their naturalistic exhibit where those interested can find them once the zoo reopens. Golden poison dart frogs are pretty rare in Hungarian zoos, found only in Pécs and now here. Yet to be sexed, with the new arrivals it is hoped to have a male to female ratio suitable for breeding – something that several of our frog species have had a lot of success with last year.