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View These Three Exhibitions Online

Three very different exhibitions that after taking place in Debrecen recently are now also available online.

One is the exhibition of medical artist Nóra Medveczky entitled Hidden Emotion (Chamber of Public Health), the other is the exhibition of Zsolt Bovszörményi Kovács (Theoretical Gallery) and the third is the exhibition of painter Matti Armas Korpela (Life Sciences Gallery).

Three very different creators, three very different worlds – but all worth seeing.

Nóra Medveczky has been drawing since she was a child, but due to her medical profession she was only able to devote a little time to painting. In her paintings, the goal is not the object, but the expression of the emotion inherent in them.

Although the exhibition in real life ended at the end of January this year, the works of Nóra Medveczky can still be seen online here.

Zsolt Kovács Böszörményi is a music performer and writer. He started to paint during the past few years. He aims to display beauty and dynamism in his images. The aim is to elicit a positive reaction, emotion from the viewer. His painting can be seen here. 

Matti Armas Korpela was born in Finland. After school, he worked as an electrical engineer and traveled all across Europe. He came to Eger during a business trip where he fell in love and decided to stay and started painting. He co-founded an art school where he taught many students brush use and color mixing. The art school had many exhibitions in Finland and beyond. He loves landscape painting including forest, rivers and rocks. The exhibition of Matti Armas Korpela can be seen here.

The exhibition was organized by the staff of the Cultural and Organizational Office of the Public Culture Secretariat.