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Debrecen’s Great Forest Is The Third Most Popular Place In Hungary

Hajdú-Bihar County has been included in Tripadvisor’s top ten list, with The third most popular place in Hungary awarded to the Great Forest in Debrecen. Hortobágy also ranked well.

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The third most popular place in Hungary is the Great Forest in Debrecen.

According to Tripadvisor users’ opinions, the Parliament in Budapest is the best destination in Hungary, followed by the Szépasszony Valley in Eger. 

Many people praise the well-maintained walking paths and rest areas and the nearby car park and spa. The park is also rich in recreational facilities and playgrounds where children can play; people can do sports and dog walking. The nearby zoo was also mentioned as a plus.

The tenth place went to Hortobágy National Park, just 37 km from Debrecen. Many of the reviewers timed their visit to see the crane migration, but there are attractions all year round. Many tourists found the horse show and the off-road safari memorable, but they also recommended the Przewalski’s horses and the gray cattle. 

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