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Earth Week with Agora

This year Earth Week will be held at the Agora between 21st-25th April. This year, too, the preservation of wildlife diversity will be the central theme of Earth Day.

The WWF Living Planet report warns year after year that human intervention in the millennial balance of nature and the over-expansion and over-consumption of humanity are endangering the existence of wildlife, including pollinating insects and plants.

Currently, about one million species are threatened with extinction. Once again, the Agóra Science Experience Center will join the Earth Day movement with digital programs.

Earth Week with the Agora will be featured on the adventure center’s Facebook page and website with exciting videos, articles and games related to the topic. In addition to the reasons for the loss of biodiversity, it will be discussed why the Earth is so special among the planets of the Solar System, how the Agora utilizes the opportunities offered by renewable energies, and what can be included in the selective waste collection.

They present the endangered species protected in Hungary, the animals living around Lake Agora, and it is also revealed whether the earthworm sleeps in a winter dream. On Saturday, the flower seed bomb will be dropped in the Creative Science series, and those interested in Sunday science will learn how to make a water tornado at home.

About Earth Day

In 1970, on the initiative of an American university student, Denis Hayes, the first Earth Day was held to draw attention to the signs of an ever-increasing ecological crisis and to protect our planet. By then, 25 million people had joined the movement across the United States.

The aim of the action was to stop environmentally destructive processes, such as high levels of air and water pollution, the accumulation of non-recyclable waste from our over-consumption, or the complete recovery of our fossil energy sources (coal, oil and natural gas). The action later developed into a world movement, to which Hungary was one of the first to join.

We have been celebrating Earth Day in Hungary every year since 1990, when environmentalists established the Earth Day Foundation in Hungary. The organization’s website draws attention to the fact that we can all do a lot to protect our planet. Build community, green your environment, plant trees, grow crops, compost, starve trash, insulate, travel together, don’t buy packaged, live without plastics, switch to eco-friendly, semi-finished, eat fresh home instead, eat fewer animals … gift to the environment and your health!