Welcome to Debrecen!


My Mom Said – Pizzeria is Open (Online)!

The “My Mom Said” team from Encs announced is taking orders online on the 9th April on their Facebook page, and we took a peak inside and found a very comfortable, looking interior prior to opening to the public for walk-in orders at no. 2 Csapó Street.

“My Mom Said” has been one of the top holders of Hungarian gastronomy awards for many years, and is regularly classified as one of the best restaurants in the country. It was founded by the Dudás brothers, Szabolcs and Szilárd who have both worked in Italy for a time as head waiter and chef, after which they returned home after a two-and-a-half-year detour to New York.

In addition to the restaurant in Ensi, a pizzeria was opened in the Autumn of 2017 in Miskolc, and now they are here in Debrecen.

A Destination of Culinary Pilgrimage

“My Mom Said”, is located in the small town of Borsod, said that she finishes first in the top list of the Dining Guide every year, and rightly so, and even swept the award for this year’s rural restaurant of the year. It also won the list of the best family restaurants, and according to the compilation, you can get the finest fried meat there. It was ranked 13th in the national overall list (although it even made it into the top 12 last year).

The family business of the Dudás brothers has now grown into a culinary pilgrimage destination, successfully combining the world-wide attitude brought from Italy with the humility towards Hungarian cuisine and hospitality. In addition to the top quality Italian ingredients, there are also Hungarian pig ears, home-sourced vegetables, and home-made syrups on the menu.