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Equestrian Days to be Held Again This Summer at Hortobágy

After a two-year break, the Hortobágy Horse Riding Days will be held again this year, said the head of the project and marketing department of the Hortobágy Nature Conservation and Gene Preservation Nonprofit Ltd.

Ákos Torbik said that the last time the horse riding days were held before the break due to the coronavirus epidemic was in 2019 when about 20,000 visitors took part in the various programmes. The organisation of this year’s event is already well underway and the exact date has been set: the 54th Horse Riding Days will be held between 15th July and 17th July at the usual venue, Hortobágy-Mátá. Speaking about the programme, Torbik Ákos said that three main aspects had been taken into account when compiling the programme. On the one hand, traditional equestrian events will not be missing this year, on the other hand, there will be special programmes for children and cultural programmes, including music, will play an important role.

The head of the department pointed out that one of the special features of the Equestrian Days this year will be the international show jumping competition on the sandy track, which was completed last year. In the large arena, visitors will be able to choose from a selection of traditional programmes. The Hortobágy Derby trophy will be up for grabs in the showjumping competition, the team-driving events will include several competitions such as dressage and steeplechase, and the preliminary round of the National Show Jumping Championships will also be held. A show and championship for dressage riders are also planned, as is the revival of an older tradition. Until the nineties, the parade and competition of folk carriages was an integral part of the Equestrian Days, and this year it will be another spectacular feature of the event.

Barefooters in the arena

We will be visited by teams from all over the country – said Torbik Ákos. – The public will be able to get acquainted with the typical costumes of the drivers of the different regions and the ways of driving. One of the most popular and breathtaking performances will be a spectacle of the most exciting events: brave horses from all over the country will be galloping through the arena.


The organisers aim to provide entertainment for children and families as well as adults, so this time there will be special programmes for the younger ones. A so-called children’s riding village will be set up on an area of about half an acre, where children will be able to enjoy a continuous programme of activities for three days. There will be fairy tales, puppet shows, arts and crafts, a straw bouncy castle, comedians on stilts, and even folk music and dance for the more adventurous.

To celebrate the dance movement

As in the last few days, music will play an important role in the event, said Ákos Torbik, adding that while in the past they had invited mainly popular music, this time they would like to go back to their roots and focus on folk music, but he could not give any details about the performers. A special programme is being organised to mark the 50th anniversary of the dance house movement this year, the details of which will be a surprise,” the head of the department said. He also said that a wide range of gastronomic specialities would be on offer, including traditional pastoral dishes, as well as bistro and street food, with a view to the younger generation.

Pictures below are from the last Hortobágy Horse Riding Days in 2019

Source of text: Hajdú Online
Source of photos: Hortobágyi Nonprofit Kft.