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Europe’s Best Men’s Handball Players come to compete in Debrecen

The 15th European Men’s Handball Championship will be co-organized by Hungary and Slovakia from 13 to 30 January 2022. Both nations will host the best handball players in Europe for the first time, this will be the second time the continent tournament will be held in a shared order. One of the locations of the games in Hungary is the country’s second city Debrecen.

During the 17 playing days of the EHF EURO 2022, the fans can experience 65 of the best games in handball. The 24 teams from Europe will play the group matches starting on January 13th in six groups, in the five organizing cities of the tournament, Budapest, Szeged, Debrecen, Košice, and Bratislava. The Slovak capital will host the fights of two groups until January 18. The two best-seeded teams from each group (a total of 12 teams) will elevate into the main round starting on January 20, in two groups, in Budapest and Bratislava from where the top six will participate in the final weekend (28-30 January 2022) in Budapest.

The first two places in the group will advance to the semi-finals and fight for medals, the third place will play for 5th place. The final of the European Championship will be held on January 30 at the Budapest Multifunctional Sports Hall.

The venue in Debrecen

Phoenix Arena with its maximum capacity of 6500 is the second-largest multifunctional sports hall in Hungary, which is connected to the neighboring Imre Hódos Sports Hall by an underground corridor. In 2004 and 2014, the arena was one of the venues for the European Women’s Handball Championship. Concerts and cultural events like David Copperfield, Joe Cocker, Bryan Adams, Lenny Kravitz, Paco de Lucía, Michael Flatley were also taken place in the Phoenix Arena. The appearance, image, and infrastructure went under renovation in 2021, so now they are more than happy to welcome their guests again in the next period of time. 

The sport highlights in the hall:
Junior Figure Skating and Ice Dance World Championships (2016)
Speed Skating World Championship (2013)
Division 1 / A World Hockey Championship (2004, 2005, 2009)
European Gymnastics Championship (2005)
World Gymnastics Championships (2002)

The official draw of the European Championship was held on May 6 in Budapest. 
European Championship groups: 
The group A (Location: Phoenix Arena, Debrecen): 
Slovenia, Denmark, North Macedonia, Montenegro 
Group B (Venue: Budapest MultifunctionalSports Hall): 
Portugal, Hungary, Iceland, the Netherlands 
Group C (Location: Szeged New Arena): 
Croatia, Serbia, France, Ukraine 
Group D (Location: OndrejNepelaArena, Bratislava): 
Germany, Austria, Belarus, Poland 
Thisgroup (Location: OndrejNepelaArena, Bratislava): 
Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina 
Group F (Location: Steel Arena, Kosice): 
Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Lithuania 

Group Stage Schedule in Debrecen

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Valid for all matches played on a given day at a given venue with a fixed seat. The ticket entitles you to multiple entries for the first stamp on a given day. 
Valid for each match at a given venue in the given tournament stage (group matches or semi-final or final stage) with a fixed seat. The bundle entitles you to multiple entries with the first armband as well as the mobile app. 

Valid for all European Championship matches ordered in the Budapest Arena with a fixed seat. The bundle entitles you to multiple entries with the first armband as well as the mobile app. 
Each Hungarian venue of the EHF EURO 2022 as Budapest Multifunctional Sports Hall, Pick Arena in Szeged, and Főnix Hall in Debrecen has four price levels defined for the general audience adapted to the location in the arenas. 
Sumptuous view, delicious snacks. At all three locations, anyone who redeems Hospitality day tickets or passes can have a premium experience. They offer the best view of the arena and also include a catering service. 

Discounted ticket and bundle offers


  • Youngster (0-3 years): 
    Children aged 3 or under can attend European Championship matches free of charge and will not have a fixed seat in the arenas. 
  • Kid (4-18 years): 
    Fans between the ages of 4 and 18 can buy tickets to European Championship matches at a 25 percent discount. 
  • Senior (65+): 
    People over the age of 65 can buy tickets to European Championship matches at a 25 percent discount. 
  • Disabled people (wheelchair only): 
    Admission to the European Championships is free for disabled people but must be accompanied by a support person who buys a full-price ticket. The registration card must be presented at the time of purchase. 


  • Family ticket, bundle 
    Discounted day tickets and bundles for 2 adults and 2 children (4-16 years old). The price of a family ticket corresponds to the price of a three-day ticket or bundle. 
  • Group tickets: 
    If you wish to visit the event and cheer for the teams with a bigger group of people, group of friends, colleagues or partners in any location of the European Championship, and the number of tickets you require exceed the bookable number of tickets in the official ticket shop then please visit this website where the Group Sales members are very happy to assist you: https://tickets.eurohandball.com/men2022/groups 

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