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Five masters from the Antal-Lusztig collection

In 2021, the third volume of the five-volume series presenting the Antal Lusztig Collection in Debrecen was published, presenting the works of five significant masters of 20th century Hungarian art – Menyhért Tóth, Tibor Vilt, Erzsébet Schaár, Lili Ország and Béla Kondor.

Over the past fifty years, the collection has included important works by these three painters and two sculptors. The collection volume presents more than five hundred works by the five artists. More than one hundred of these works will be on display at the exhibition.

One of the special features of the exhibition is a “never-before-seen” studio, where sketches by Tibor Vilt and masks and sculptures by Erzsébet Schaár will be on display. Thanks to art collector Péter Antal, not only the bronze sculptures but also the plaster and Styrofoam sketches have become treasured pieces of the collection.

The editor of the book and the author of two chapters (Menyhért Tóth and Béla Kondor) was Katalin T. Nagy, curator of the exhibition. The sections on Erzsébet Schaár and Lili Ország were written by Mária Árvai, and the essay and analysis of Tibor Vilt by Emőke Bodonyi. The graphic designer of the publication was Csilla Bogdán.

“Beating like a Latrocco on the cross of space and time…”
Five masters from the Antal-Lusztig collection – Tóth, Schaár, Vilt, Ország, Kondor
Speech by Katalin Vizi, Managing Director of MODEM
Opening of the exhibition and book launch – Katalin T. Nagy, art historian, curator of the exhibition, and Péter Antal, art collector.
Date – 24th June 2022 17:00