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Exhibition – “Wasting Time” by Balázs Kicsiny

A Large-scale exhibition of the works of one of the most versatile, internationally recognized contemporary Hungarian artists. Balázs Kicsiny.

by Balázs Kicsiny

The exhibition is entitled “időhúzás” which translates as “time lag” or “time wasting” in terms of meaning, – temporization.

For the first time in Hungary, the exhibition presenting all the epochs of Balázs Kicsiny’s oeuvre, which spans more than thirty years, will be on display. The exhibition is available until August 22, 2021.

The basis of Balázs Kicsiny’s art is the study of the allegorical dimension of various occupations and the related human situations. It condenses different layers of time in a work of art, thus pointing out the volatility of temporal and spatial distances, the overlapping of different ages and their dialogue.

The special feature of the exhibition is these works have never been seen this way. Now, the 12 installations can be seen physically side by side. The exhibition features works from a number of domestic and international public and private collections.

His compositions are not focusing on formality, but on the concepts represented by the figures. The goal for the viewer is to perceive not a different person, but a general being, which reveals a human situation, a thought, a feeling, a sometimes tragic or sometimes comic life situation in which viewers can place themselves.

In this recent interview he states he sees himself in the as a realistic artist. His works are made from ordinary items including scissors, a flag, suitcase, among others. However, he puts these ordinary objects together in a way that visitors would not connect in reality. 

It is not possible to tell the timeframe of this work. The compositions lack time conditions, so they are timeless. The exhibition is actually an experiment to show what happens when works created in different times and spaces meet.