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Exhibition – Recommendation

With the arrival of September, the cooler, rainy weather has arrived. But don’t let that put you off getting out of the house! In Debrecen, there are a number of exhibitions across the city that offer an exciting visual experience guaranteed to put you in a better mood.

Budapest Illustration Festival // Exhibition
Venue: Bényi Gallery
Open until 18th September.

The Budapest Illustration Festival 2019 was established to represent and renew the art of illustration in Hungary. The organisers of “Billufest” have created the competition and its associated events to provide a biannual platform for the best of Hungarian illustration art. The backbone of the exhibition is mainly illustrations in the classical sense, i.e. works that relate to specific textual content.

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Alter Ego – László Lakner retrospective
Venue: MODEM
Open until 25th September.

László Lakner is one of the most important artists of the Hungarian neo-avant-garde: his art is characterised by thematic and stylistic diversity and continuous experimentation. Within his oeuvre, radically different stylistic tendencies can coexist, but they do not exclude each other, but rather complement each other. The exhibition Alter ego at MODEM presents the artist’s oeuvre spanning more than 40 years.

Read More: https://www.modemart.hu/kiallitas/alterego

Magyar Géniusz [Hungarian Genius]
Venue: Déri Museum
Open until 25th September.

A significant part of Hungarian cultural heritage is preserved in rural museums. However, the special pieces in these collections are often more accessible to the local public, as we don’t have to travel hundreds of kilometres to find a single piece of art. The significance of the Hungarian Genius travelling exhibition lies precisely in the fact that it aims to present the genius of the countryside in a representative way. The exhibition embodies Hungarian thought, Hungarian feeling, national heroes, and local traditions. The selection includes the most representative and significant artifacts of the settlement, the museum, the institution, the settlement, its history and culture.

The exhibition is innovative not only in its creation but also in its visual presentation. It is a diverse selection of objects, which, while retaining their individuality, are presented in a coherent way.

Read more: https://www.derimuzeum.hu/kiallitasok.php?id=67

Elephant Catcher – Exhibition by Alexandra Grela, illustrator
Place: House of Literature in Debrecen
The exhibition is open until 31st December.

Alexandra Grela’s exhibition presents the artist’s work as an illustrator. The exhibition, titled Elephant Catcher, features images from children’s books, but also from more serious literature, such as Ady and Pilinszky. Alexandra Grela won the 2021 Illustrator of the Year Award for her illustrations of the Hindu fairy tale “The Blind and the Elephant”