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Experience the moment! – Campus Festival 2021

After several months of waiting, the best-known Hungarian music artists will finally arrive in Debrecen. Over four evenings in four venues, more than 200 concerts will take place in an unparalleled large forest environment. This year will be the 13th Campus, the nation’s first major domestic “light” music festival.

“We are absolutely optimistic and the ticket sales also confirm that people, our guests, really want to come to Campus. Everyone is happy to finally be able to meet people, toast and sing together at concerts. Once again, we can feel as good as we used to. ” – emphasized festival director Péter Miklósvölgyi, he then added: “The July Campus will be a real holiday: we will celebrate our freedom, summer and music at the same time, and that we can meet each other again.”

The Campus Festival has always been characterized by quality culture, and musical diversity, making it officially one of the qualified “European festivals” in 2017 and 2019. Exciting and useful programs and services are taking place at the largest cultural event in Debrecen this year as well. The venue no longer needs to be presented, the festival town will be built around the Nagyerdei Water Tower and the Nagyerdei Stadium, the wooded area between the event space next to the stadium hall, and the Nagyerdei Water Tower will play a special role. It is no coincidence that the Campus is proud of the title of “most comfortable festival”: in a cultured location, around the stadium, there are always many services available for the comfort and safety of those who want to party. As for the program offerings, more than a thousand musicians will take the stage,

In addition to the musical offer, Campus Art returns with a colorful world of arts.


:: Performers, artists, stilt walkers, street theaters (entertainers)
:: Circus parade with extreme vehicles
:: CAMPUS KID family playground where kids don’t want to go home
:: Playhouse Project where you can try the coolest board games
:: Breathtaking light paintings and art installation
:: Job Street, where you will find your next job
:: Civil Village with daytime creative activities and important social issues


The music program of the Campus Festival is a relief to everyone who has missed experiencing live music during the last year, to sing along to their favorite songs with friends and beloved performers, is something not to be missed this year on four full days and in 14 program venues. We hope it will be an uplifting feeling to relive the experiences that were so missed from our lives during the pandemic, along with some 200 performers. It’s hard to compete with Campus when it comes to musical diversity.

“I missed the stage very much, and I am looking forward to the Campus, so far I have always come with such positive experiences that I really look forward to it, – it will be good again in Debrecen. Now we have an extra boost, we really felt what the audience and the stage meant to us, and without it, how little gray life really was. So it’s clear that I’m constantly thinking about that, oh how good it will be again. ” (Rúzsa Magdi)


“Summer has brought the holiday and the festival season again, of which MOL will of course also take part. Our company networks the whole country, and with our support activities we encourage everyone to rediscover the sights of Hungary. Whether it’s programs at Lake Balaton or the Campus Festival in Debrecen, we can be enriched with experiences that can fill us up for a whole year. ” Said Péter Pantl, Communications Director of MOL Group.

The MOL Main Stage artists traditionally the largest audience in program: Tankcsapda (Tricky in English), Akos, Majka & Curtis, the Bagossy Brothers Company, Rúzsa Manilow, Halott Pénz (Dead Money), the 30Y take the stage in addition to others.

“I am glad to be able to return to Debrecen, I have already said in a lot of interviews, now I say again that I consider Debrecen to be my second home, at that time Bonanza Banzai had its biggest success outside of Budapest in Debrecen more than 33 years ago, where I would not have played. It’s a place for us where we feel like we’re coming to ours, so I hope it will be this year again… Of course it’s special because we have had to miss the opportunity to take the stage for a very long time, maybe some of the audience might miss it, so it will be a real blast, I think everyone expects this at the Debrecen Campus, but what the reality will be will be up to the audience. ” (Ákos)

We are expecting many, many thousands of people in front of the Sopron Grand Stage on Nagyerdei Boulevard : rock (Depresszió, Leander Kills, Road, Subscribe) and pop (Follow The Flow, Irie Maffia, Wellhello, Margaret Island) also play a role here, but also iconic bands like Vad Fruttik or Bohemian Betyars.

The OTP Stage is primarily aimed at the younger generation with a number of hip-hop and rap performers (including Krúbi, Dé: Nash, Dzsúdló, T. Danny, Hősök and Bëlga), and the Light Tower Podium will be the home of the first-line Hungarian “alter”, for example Péterfy Thanks to Bori, Hyperkara, Elephant, Ivan and the Parazol, Only the Little Girl, Carson Coma, Evening Cornelius or Blahalouisiana. The Nádudvar Gastro Stage is a real melting pot of music: world music, ska-reggae, blues-jazz, old underground and fresh accommodation will be here, marked by such things as Parno Graszt, PASO, Európa Kiadó, Erik Sumo, or Random Trip.

This year, the University Square will also have a musical venue , which will also create the atmosphere of a real bar stage at the festival, with a bar pianist, light and fun jazz productions (Tóth Vera Quartet, Elsa Valle, Swing A’La Django) and acoustic concerts (e.g. Márk Járai, Zolee Ganxsta and Vilkó Takács, Zoli Czutor and his family, Márton Hangácsi).

Young, emerging talents will once again take possession of the Captivating Stage in a variety of genres. On the stage, in addition to 18 bands from Debrecen, we can see the winners of many talent scouts, as well as several exciting discoverers of the past year, and underground electronics from drum’n’bass to acid will play at night. And if it’s electronic music: Pepsi Music Hall is waiting for house and techno lovers every day until dawn.

The biggest party venue of the festival will be the Schaeffler Stage set up in the northern event space , where audience-favorite retro stars and DJs will perform. Lightweight club music is delivered by Unicum Bar by Egoist , and if you want to jump on rock hits, look for Jim Beam Rock Bart. In the end, we will not be without cover songs this year either, the place of the joint singing will be the Shingle Funeral.


While we will be without international performers this year due to the pandemic, we will not be left without unique musical productions at the 2021 Campus.

There are bands that we can see last in the city (and even in the region) here, and other formations can be seen for the first time now. The compilation of the festival’s program this year was guided by musical diversity and openness.

The band Intim Torna Illegál is saying goodbye to the audience in Debrecen, which recently announced that it will no longer be performing after the summer season. Péter Dorogi and his team have been a regular performer of the Campus Festival for many years.

Kistehén will also give his last concert in the regionThe ensemble, which once started as the Kistehén Dance Orchestra, led by László Kollár-Klemencz, became a defining, characteristic production of the Hungarian alternative scene.

Not only will the Great Forest be loud from farewells, browsing the program we will also find a “premiere”: one of the most important figures of the Hungarian metal scene, Áron András ’Apey’, who can also be known as the frontman of the Lazarvs, now performs his solo songs with a complete band. With their formation called The Black Circle Orchestra, their very first public concert will take place on the Debrecen Campus.

One of the new sensations of recent times is Azahriah, who has now put many of songs on the table. His first live concert was recently packed in Budapest, and will be heard for the first time in the region, as well as the “secret” discoverer of 2020, Дeva (Deva), who travels in folk electronicsWe dedicate a full evening to the new-wave trap genre (coming from Lil Frakk, Kapitány (Captain) Máté, AKC Misi, Ress and Nasiimov, among others), several young “do-it-yourself” singer-songwriters (such as Kristoaf or Saya Noé) will debut, the Várkonyi Csibészek, consisting of Roma children from Ózd have gained national fame, will come, and the other youngest performer of the festival will be a 14-year-old girl from Oradea, singer-guitarist Cristina Drimba, who won the concert at the Fülesbagoly Talent Search.


Once again, the Campus program goes beyond music: we have many opportunities to experience cultural and community experiences outside of concerts. We will find this year’s edition of Campus Art right on the way to the festival entrance.

The “little brother” of the Campus, which exhibits interactive art programs, has a lot of interesting things: we can try different design techniques in workshops, learn macrame, spinning, make a balcony garden, recycle bike parts contemporary dance workshop and improvisation practice, Ferkó Kádár’s photo theater will arrive, there will be an artist and pole dance presentation, but we can even go for a cultural-historical city walk in the center of Debrecen. 

Of course, the attractions don’t stop within the festival gate either. We try to bring magic to the night vision of the festival with stunning light installations and projected displays. Every day we will meet street theaters, artists, stuntmen, jugglers and their strange carriages at the various locations of the festival. The H2O Kult Basement program is waiting for gourmets: literature, theater and music will meet the lower level of the water tower this year: will Djabe and Jazzbois concert, comes Zsolt Prieger and Franciska Törőcsik (a nice Pilinszky -programmal), Ivan Vitári’s and Schoblocher Barbi brings the Classic Lasso program, here will be Peter Závada and Jónás Vera, the artists of the Csokonai Theater bring a chanson evening. The Lautitia chamber choir also comes, but if we want slam poetry, a poetry workshop or a Tamás Cseh evening, we can also find it here.

The programs don’t even end here: if anyone is bored after that, look for the best board games at the Playhouse Project site, or discover one of the many social organizations presenting themselves in the Civil Village area.


University Square is back! A total of 33 different programs await those interested at the University Square site. At the event, you can get acquainted with the teaching and research work at the University of Debrecen in an entertaining way.
The stands of the University of Debrecen (DE), ie University Square, will be located at the VIP parking lot of the Nagyerdei Stadium this year, near the grocery store, on the Campus between July 21 and 25. Almost all faculties of the institution, as well as the DEMEK, DEAC, MÜZLI and DE Mádi Bor Akadémiája (Wine Academy) are also represented here.  

 – At the University Square, we will try to offer various, exciting, interesting programs every day. From medicine to engineering, the humanities, space research to food trends, you will be able to learn many things, so we hope that everyone will find something to suit their interests.– explained Zsuzsanna Mándy, DE scientific rapporteur, chief organizer of Egyetem tér, who said that there will be, for example, 3D printing, book and ultrasonic selfie, eco-social and financial activity. A novelty this year is the rescue tutorial. Parents and children can ask the doctors of the Children’s Clinic about summer dangers, such as tick bites, sunburn, problems caused by consuming too much ice cream and flames. The staff of the Institute of Physiology shows how the skin “tears”. It will be possible to fight with robots made by the university’s electrical engineers, but there will also be talk of responsible animal husbandry as well as helping dogs. Those interested can get to know the “work” of the dogs in an interactive demonstration. 

The University Square will not be left without a stage this year either, where exciting talks related to the programs taking place at the stands, comedians of the Dumas Theater and, of course, a musical offer await the festival-goers.

Zsuzsanna Mándy added: the program structure of the University Square will be renewed. In addition to the units present throughout, such as DEAC, DEENK, and DEMEK, there will also be programs available for only one or two days. “We also try to encourage everyone to come to us every day, as we always guarantee new experiences,” the chief organizer said. 


The festival is supporting a foundation to help children orphaned by the coronavirus epidemic!

In addition to creating musical diversity and comprehensive services that serve the needs of festival-goers, the Campus Festival also considers social responsibility important every year. Most recently, more than HUF 7 million in support was raised at the opening reception of the Campus, courtesy of VIP guests. From this amount, Debrecen Campus Nonprofit Közhasznú Kft. Purchased multimedia equipment for the DMJV City Social Service (commonly known as the Home for the Elderly on Pallagi Street) and the Human Service Home for Debrecen, ie the Home for the Disabled of Pallagi Street.

This year, again, the organizers set a noble goal! The proceeds from the VIP reception will be donated to the István Regőczi Foundation, this time to help children orphaned by the coronavirus.


In addition to the many programs and attractions, the Campus Festival offers several services of general interest and convenience.

• Guarded bicycle storage
• Safety deposit box
• Supermarket 
• 0-24 hour medical and ambulance care  
• Information
points • Hand disinfection points courtesy of Bradolife, the festival’s official disinfectant

You can also pay by card at the festival area again this year. It is possible to pay with Unipass and DEKa cards, as well as with a contactless bank card of any commercial bank.


This year’s slogan of the Campus Festival basically reacts to the past period, the message is highlighted in all the creative materials of the event. In addition to the University of Debrecen, we also work closely with the City of Debrecen, so this year’s Debrecen festival is accompanied by a larger campaign than ever before. We also distribute the festival program booklet in the neighboring counties, we are present in the media of the region, in public areas, and we carry out a more emphatic campaign in the capital. In addition to the colorful program of the festival, we draw special attention to the values ​​and possibilities of the largest rural city, the proximity of the Aquaticum beach bath.

With VIP ticket for even more convenience!

Anyone can take the festival to a higher level now, the VIP feeling is available and comes with a number of extra features.

• Entrance through a separate gate
• Use of VIP zone
• Exclusive VIP program, star DJs
• VIP bar and food truck
• Separate VIP washrooms
• VIP terrace at MOL Main Stage
• Opportunity to attend the opening reception on Wednesday with a VIP pass

This year, the event can only be attended with a vaccination certificate in accordance with legal regulations. At the same time, the children will not be left out of the festival experience either, as they may be there on campus accompanied by a person protected against the coronavirus under the age of 18.



A special musical treat is this year’s “anthem” of the Campus Festival, whose message is very important to the creators due to the situation caused by the coronavirus epidemic that has lasted for more than a year and a half. The reworking of the Tank Trap song “Sit Next to Me” expresses well, both musically and lyrically, the thoughts of a fresh start, a difficult period, and that we can “be together” without constraints, we can finally experience countless important and positive moments.

This year, the Campus Festival is definitely going to be a celebration in such a way that we have been liberated after a very difficult period. We can meet our friends, have a delicious meal, watch our favorite bands, ” said Péter Miklósvölgyi, festival director.“It’s a feeling that used to be completely normal, but unfortunately it hasn’t been in the last two years. With this clip and song, our goal was to convey the atmosphere of this holiday. This song is at the same time about how much we can appreciate the opportunity to finally be able to festival again, to be together again, to meet again. The Tank Trap song, which has now been worked on by several very good singers, we thought was an extremely good expression of the feeling I was talking about. The chorus that it conveys is that feeling that permeates everyone better, and everyone will be able to appreciate, live that particular moment even better. 

‘Everywhere is good but the best Yet it will only be where you and I can be together’.

The festival song, composed with the help of seven charismatic frontmen, was produced by the two directors of MMP Studio, Sándor “Moszkito” Czifra and István Szilágyi. Luke Laci hear it under Kowalsky -t and Jimmy still another aspect of the Vegából Kowalsky, duty oleander (Oleander Kills), Dorogi Peter (Intimate Gymnastics Illegál), Tamás Horváth and Gábor Bernadett (Desperado) and last but not least, the talented Gyergyószentmiklós 4S Street band frontman Alin Nicuța as well.https://www.youtube.com/embed/NtcUmw94tys?feature=oembed

The clip was directed by Péter Tokay, among the festive moods we can discover a lot of well-known people. The first series of pictures recalls the past months, and it is accompanied by a lot to say about Majka’s thoughts.

“The clip is very colorful, very, very good mood, the message is that life is back again. At the same time, we also wanted to signal that we should remember a little bit where we came from and see what was and what could come again. ”

It’s also hard to list who’s in the short film for the song ‘Sit Next to Me’ anyway. Various personalities and characters appear among the festival’s series of pictures, in the video many of the most famous personalities of Hungary stood in front of the camera to support the message of the festival organizers.

The actors are:
Csaba Abaházi, radio presenter, musician
Animal Cannibals, Péter Máté Prize-winning Hungarian rap / hiphop team
Gyula Bodrogi, Kossuth and two-time Jászai Mari Prize-winning actor, director, theater director, worthy and excellent artist
Csonka Andras, actor, singer and presenter
Depresszió band:
Norbert Hosnyánszky, Olympic, world and European champion water polo player
Dénes Kemény, a Hungarian water polo team’s former head coach
Gergely Kiss, three-time Olympic champion Hungarian water polo player, lawyer
Koltay Anna, Junior Prima Prize Hungarian television editor
Ferenc Rákóczi radio host
Rúzsa Magdalene, Matthew Peter-winning Hungarian singer, songwriter, composer
András Stohl, Jászai Mari-winning Hungarian actress, television and radio presenter
Storcz Botond, Olympic champion kayaker, coach
Takács ‘Vilko’ Vilmos, musician, Ganxsta Zolee and Kartel guitarist
Attila Till, reporter, presenter, director
Péter Vajda ‘Sóder’, musician, drummer of Kowalsky and Vega