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Famous building in Debrecen: The Palace of János Wolff, the Brigadier General

On the corner of Péterfia street, 46 and Thaly Kálmán Street stands the former place of János Wolff, the Brigadier General of 39th Infantry Regiment. In 1882, János Wolff of Hegyközszentimrei was transferred to Debrecen, to the 39th Infantry Regiment in the “Pavilion” barracks. He became Lieutenant Colonel in 1912, Colonel in 1914 and General in 1918. On 5 August 1910, he applied for a building permit for the construction of the palace, based on the plans of the architects Pavlovits and Szilágyi.

Palace of János Wolff - Debrecen

At the same time, he requested the demolition of some of the former buildings and the conversion of others into stables. The city provided him with the permit and a 2,80-meter wide gateway on Thaly Kálmán Street and a 1,60-meter wide gateway on Péterfia street.

During the construction, a building with a cellar, 2 floors and a high mansard roof was built. The U-shaped building is connected to the adjacent house which was owned by Baron Gyula Wágenheim at that time. The façade is made of neoclassical and Art Nouveau elements, wrought iron balustrades and attractive log-framed loggias.

The bronze decoration elements on the corner of the mansard roof disappeared during the war. The building still provides impressive views and memories, not only for the former owner but also for the former architects. One of the most important tasks of future generations is to preserve this valuable building.