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Flowery Hungary competition

For the 28th time, the Hungarian Tourism Agency has announced the Flowery Hungary competition. More than 320 entries were received, and the jury awarded 49 prizes. The special award of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology was presented to Mayor László Papp and Member of Parliament László Pósán by Balázs Nagy, Deputy State Secretary for Strategic Affairs of the Ministry of Information and Technology, at a press conference on 25th November 2021.

The justification for this special award is underlined by the city’s efforts in recent years to promote sustainability, the renewal of green spaces, and measures to make densely populated areas more habitable, such as the Civaqua program, the LIFE program, and the Green Task Force,” said Balázs Nagy, Deputy State Secretary for Strategic Affairs at the Ministry of ITM.

In 2019 we have announced a new environmental policy, in which the qualitative development of green spaces plays a very important role. The mayor added: compared to 2019, we have more than doubled the number of flower areas in the city. While in 2019, almost four and a half thousand square meters of land were specifically developed and maintained as flower gardens, by 2020-2021 we are talking about around ten and a half thousand square meters of land specifically functioning as flower gardens.

The mayor said that in 2020, the Debrecen horticultural garden was re-established and the city itself grows a very significant number of flowers every year. In terms of annual flowers, the DEKERT staff at the Debrecen nursery grow 60-80,000 flowers, and in terms of the two summer perennials, we are talking about 60-80,000 plants of this order of magnitude, which we can plant all over the city.

We are deeply committed to further developing the quality of our green spaces, through our TOP Green City Programme in several parts of the city and TOP Plus, which will provide billions of forints of EU funding for the development of quality green spaces in the coming years,” concluded László Papp.

In his speech, MEP László Pósán referred to the Flower for Debrecen movement, in the framework of which every year the city’s municipal representatives distribute balcony flowers and flowers for planting in small gardens to the people of Debrecen in their constituencies, thus making their living environment more beautiful, comfortable and cozy.