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Fundamentum: An Exhibition of Contemporary Painter Olivér Szax

Event by Bényi Gallery, Kölcsey Centre Debrecen and Tetszik Debrecen
Bényi Gallery
Duration: 1 hr
Public – Anyone on or off Facebook
The exhibition will be opened by Richárd Kosinsky, an art historian
With the participation of Máté Márton

Olivér Szax was born in Esztergom in 1975. His first master was the painter Ernő Tolvaly, who gave him a lot of inspiration in the field of conceptualist painting. He embedded this experience and vision as a determining basis in his early minimalist-geometric and later realistic series, which mixed elements with abstraction. In his most recent works, this conceptualist approach is reinforced and, starting from traditional painting, seeking new means of expression and constantly experimenting, he creates his own symbolism by stripping technique and expression down to their ‘foundations’, thus presenting the current problems of our time and the questions that fundamentally determine our future and demand answers.

The reason, the driving force.
A starting point
for experimentation.
The new and the ancient
For the return to the future.

The exhibition is open free of charge from 28th April to 9th June 2022 during the opening hours of the Kölcsey Centre, daily from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., and until 7 p.m. during evening events.