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Let’s Go to the Cinema

Film lovers should head to the Apollo Cinema this autumn, as thematic film days and festivals will follow each other. In the coming weeks and months, the 11th Mozinet Film Days will present a selection of the biggest hits from the Cannes and Venice International Film Festivals, while the Finnish Film Days will bring the latest in contemporary Finnish cinema to Debrecen.

11th Mozinet Film Days 

Date: 9th September – 9th December 2022.
Venue: Apolló Cinema

Szeptemberben kezdődött és az év végéig tart a Cannes-i és Velencei Nemzetközi Filmfesztivál legnagyobb sikereit felvonultató 11. Mozinet Filmnapok, melynek Debrecenben az Apolló mozi ad otthont.

Screenings in Debrecen:

7th October 2022 – Eight Hills

According to Hindu mythology, the world is bounded by eight mountains, with a giant ninth mountain in the middle. Will we find happiness if we live our lives on the giant mountain in the middle or if we visit the other eight? Pietro and Bruno, two teenagers, spend summers together in the Dolomites, in the autumn Pietro goes home to Turin, a crowded city, while Bruno stays in his village in the mountains. The two boys develop a very deep friendship as children, which is broken during their teenage years. As Pietro grows up, he searches for his place in the world, while Bruno tries to make a living in his home village, where he runs a farm based on centuries-old traditions. They meet again after almost 20 years, and are more dependent on each other now than at any time in their lives. A discussion and film analysis after the screening! The speaker will be Dr. Kata Anna Váró, film aesthete and university lecturer.

4th November 2022 – The Mysterious Woman

Detective Hae-jun works on the case of a rock climber who fell off a cliff. While solving the case, he meets the mysterious and attractive widow Seo-rae. During the interrogations, they grow closer, and Hae-jun starts to listen to his feelings rather than his instincts, crossing professional boundaries. A year after the case is closed, their paths cross again, and the detective must confront his own repressed feelings as well as the unsolved crime.

After the screening, a discussion and film analysis! The speaker is Dr. Kata Anna Váró, film aesthete and university lecturer.

9th December 2022 – Children of Others

Rachel (Virginie Efira) lives a life full of passion: she loves her job as a teacher, takes guitar lessons, meets her friends often and is getting closer to her new love Ali (Roschdy Zem). He already has a four-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, whom Ali introduces to her after a while. Despite the initial difficulties, Rachel and the little girl grow close and develop a real connection, but the three of them are constantly haunted by the question of whether they can become a real family. And Rachel is about to turn 40, with a strong desire to have a child of her own. Is it worth sacrificing everything she has built up or can she live a full life without it?

A discussion and film analysis after the screening! The speaker will be Dr. Kata Anna Váró, film aesthete and university lecturer.

Further details and tickets here.

Finn Film Days

Date: 8th-10th November 2022.
Venue: Apollo Cinema

The popular Finnish film festival comes to Debrecen for the first time to showcase the latest in Finnish cinema outside Budapest. The event will be held at Apollo Cinema, where a total of five films will be screened from 8th-10th November. All films are subtitled in English and Hungarian.

For more details and tickets see here.

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