Welcome to Debrecen!


Halloween party – Zsuzsi & Forest of the Brave

Here are the programs that are awaiting visitors:

  • Monster Disco,
  • Acrobatic Fire Juggler – show,
  • Witch Tour,
  • Cutter – Hut,
  • LED – Show,
  • Demony Birds,
  • Rém – Zumba party
  • Dancing dogs show show

On this night of Halloween horrors, visitors will experience:
– The Ahura Fire Tribe, who welcomes participants with a ferocious fire show.
– Amirah HMS dancers are made with a swirling zumba and a spectacular LED show.
– The performance of Gábor Pusztai’s “Candle” fire show dazzles the audience.
– The LED band (Komodo Charles (Kaiko) and Nicholas Szénási (Mr.M.) concert conjures storming party Hármashegyaljára.
– Edit Varga natural teacher accompanies the courageous Forest of darkness and fear-conquering passengers.
– The Bird School student, Erno, a forest demon-speaking parrot entertained the audience with magic and minstrels singing.
– the Debrecen Dog School and the Sansz Foundation , who amaze the participants with their dancing dogs.
– More awful creations can be made in the cutting corner of the TiZsu Arte .

For those who come in costumes, we are preparing gifts!

The Terrible Monsters will be responsible for the safety of the participants.

The tour is used by everyone at their own risk, in accordance with the current epidemiological rules (safety distance).
A flashlight can be brought, liquid supply required!
During the event, the Hármashegyi Buffet will be open

Extraordinary schedule for the evening program:
From the starting station on Ruyter Street to Hármashegyalja: 5:00 p.m. From Hármashegyalja back to the station on Ruyter Street: 9:00 p.m.

The Halloween train stops only at the Debrecen-Fatelep departure station, the Hétvezér stop, and the Hármashegyalja terminus!

For current news and further questions about the Zsuzsi Forest Railway, visit their Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/ZsuzsiVasut