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Held on what is Midsummer Night, the longest night of the year, the Night of the Museums has become an annual celebration.  This year is no exception, with one of the oldest towns in Hungary, Szombathely taking the lead.  The Savaria Museum of Szombathely and its 500,000 piece collection takes the pride of place and the spotlight for 2019, however, there is no need to travel hundreds of km to Szombathely to the far West of Hungary, because other towns closer to home also have much to offer on the Night of the Museums. 

Debrecen is no exception here, with both the Debrecen Reform College Museum, and the Deri Museum participating. 

This year the Deri Museum provides an exceptional evening and a nights entertainment for the whole family, starting at 4 pm at Deri Square with a musical extravaganza (see program below).  Unfortunately, at some point, you will have to choose between the different Deri museum locations, and the Reform College Museum, and their prospective programs. The selection is as follows:-

Programs at Déri Square

16.00 MH. 5. István Bocskai Battalion Brigade Garrison Band

17.00 Debrecen Dixieland Jazz Band concert

18.00 FÓRUM fashion show

19.00 There is a concert

20.30 Bordeaux Dragon Old Music Order Concert

22.00 Gergő Dánielfy and the Travelers Concert

23.30 Flaming Snails / Flaming Snails Firefighter Team Presentation

16.00-22.00 Travel to “Zsuzsi” at Night of Museums

Zsuzsi Forest Railway Debrecen Program Promenade

Programs at Assembly Hall of Déri Museum

22.00 Bulgarian and Hungarian folk songs performed by Sas Nelli

22.30 MUNKÁCSY OTHER / PICTURE (P) Éva Fodor, art historian’s presentation

23.30 “Death as a World Creating Factor” Thoughts on the Universal Cultural Creator Power of the Death Cult in the Archaeological Exhibition “The Star Dwellers”

Zsigmond Hajdú archaeologist lecture

00.30 MUNKÁCSY OTHER / PICTURE (P) Presentation of the art historian Éva Fodor


16.00-22.00 Museum Education

Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Museum Courtyard

17.00 “The Old Woman and Death” The Winged Dragons Stilt Spectrum Game with Giant Puppets

18.30 Concert of Private Affér band

20.00 “Lovely Dance” The program of the Sebő band

(Hungarian folk music and singing poems, Ferenc Sebő’s compositions and processing)

21.30 Concert by “Band of Blues” Band

22.30 Son of Heaven and Magog” by DebreSlam

Medgyessy Ferenc Memorial Exhibition

08.00 Medgyessys in Medgyessy

Unusual guided tour with Mónika Gábor and Kata Györgyi, students of Ferenc Medgyessy High School and Secondary School of Arts

19.30 Medgyessys in Medgyessy

Unusual guided tour with Mónika Gábor and Kata Györgyi, students of Ferenc Medgyessy High School and Secondary School of Arts

Debrecen Literature House

16.00-02.00 Museum Investigation with Fruzsina Aranyi Museum Teacher at the Contemporary Literary Exhibition

Debrecen Reformed College Museum

For the non-Hungarian speaking, Balázs Venkovits provides a tour of the exhibition he curates in English.  The exhibition looks at the experiences of Hungarians who visited America from early travelers up until the First world war.

Through their experiences, we can get an insight into the turning points of Hungarian and American history. Rare maps, diaries, and photographs, unique objects remind us of the hardships of traveling Hungarians. How did Lajos Kossuth and the ’48 emigrants receive in North America? What motivated the “one and a half million kickbackers” to find a new home? How did our first female travelers succeed?

Look for Hungarian and English guided tours of Balázs Venkovits, curator of the exhibition during the evening.

Entries are worth buying now, to avoid any disappointment and so you don’t have to queue during the programs!

Wristbands are now available at both locations (Déri tér 1, Péterfia u. 28)!

Entrance fee: 1200 Ft.

For children (7-14 years): 600 Ft.

Family entrance fee (2 adults, up to 3 children): 2800 Ft.