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Hungarian Revolution of 1848 Celebration

In celebration of the outbreak of revolution in 1848, the 15th of March is set aside as a national holiday, one of 3 national holidays celebrated in Hungary each year.

With the broad cooperation of the cultural and educational institutions of the city, a series of festive programs commemorating the events leading up to the Revolution of 1848-49 will take place in Debrecen.

In Brief – The Hungarian Revolution.

With the repeal of the April Laws (also known as the March Laws) in 1848 which had previously been ratified by King Ferdinand to modernize the Kingdom of Hungary into a nation-state, the young Austrian monarch Francis Joseph set in motion an irreversible chain of events, ultimately leading towards total independence from the Habsburg dynasty in 1867. 

Although Hungary achieved its goal, namely independence, the intervening years were tough.  In 1849 Franz Joseph’s called for Russian help in the name of the ‘holy alliance’ and the subsequent military campaign Hungary lost, ushered in a 30 year period of passive resistance by the Hungarians and brutal martial law by the occupiers.

MARCH 15th 9.30 Petőfi Square
Festive commemoration and wreathing.