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Ice Skating in Debrecen is Back

Once the weather turned colder, the ice rink on Oláh Gábor Street would opened in Debrecen, that is up until 2012. Generations grew up skating on the old ice rink that was built in 1977, located in the heart of the Great Forest. 

The site of the old open-air ice rink located between the Zoo and old Loki Stadium, elicits fond memories, skating in the morning sun, or under the evening starry sky, and in the falling snow. It last operated in the winter of 2011-2012 and has since been closed after being declared outdated and not up to standard.

Site of old Ice rink between the Zoo and old Loki Stadium

Back in the old days when the winters were icy cold and to the extent that Lake Békás froze solid, it was possible to skate there or even on the old Csónakázó tó (area in front of the new stadium).

Csónakázó tó – Source: Dehir

Sometimes the pavilion next to Újvigadó opened, and you could get hot tea.

Since 2014, it has been possible to skate on the mobile ice rink built outdoors next to the new stadium or if you prefer to skate indoors, you can do so all year round in the Ice Hall (Jégcsarnok) in the Tócóskert. 

Stadium Ice Ring

The Jégcsarnok (Ice Hall) opened its gate in 2004 and was extended by a practice ice rink in October 2015. It offers two international standard courses and 1600 m2 of well-maintained ice surface throughout the whole year for sports enthusiasts.