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Jazz Night – Free improvizations

On the 6 October, the German Cultural Days will host Jazz Night, which brings together two of the great figures of European jazz and free music and a young talent to create a unique musical experience.

Free improvizations – Jazz night

DATE: 6 October 2023, Friday at 19:30
LOCATION: Kölcsey Center

Alexander von Schlippenbach – piano: His music harmoniously combines elements of free improvization and contemporary classical music. During his long career, Schlippenbach has founded several bands and worked with such distinguished musicians as Evan Parker and Paul Lovens.

Péter Ajtai – double bass: Péter Ajtai is one of the outstanding figures of the young jazz generation, who breaks with tradition and convention to create unique sounds. He has collaborated with renowned musicians such as Hamid Drake and Alexander von Schlippenbach, and is a leading figure on the Hungarian avant-garde music scene.

Attila Gyárfás – drums: Attila Gyárfás is a drummer and composer who brings his passion for free improvization and unique sound to the stage. He is active both as a bandleader and solo performer, and has appeared on several outstanding albums.

The concert is free!

To register, please send an e-mail to allindebrecen@gmail.com!